What’s the status of summer in Terre Haute?

Normally, summer in Terre Haute with kids means camps, camping, playdates, swimming, and road trips. But summer 2020 is not shaping up to be “normal.”

To get a feel for how families are feeling, we polled our people (that’s you!) with a quick survey. And the results are in! (Click links to visit other posts on our site with relevant info.) 

Things to do in summer in Terre Haute

For June: 

17% of Terre Haute families plan to visit an indoor entertainment venue like a movie theater, museum, library, gym, skate rink, or indoor playplace. 

In contrast, 89% are ready and willing to go to an outdoor event or venue like a playground, drive-in, farmers’ market, mini golf, or bike park. 

50% of those polled will eat at a local restaurant with outdoor seating and 31% are willing to dine-in at a restaurant. 

For July: 

30% of those polled are hoping to attend an indoor entertainment venture, and 44% are hoping to eat inside at a restaurant. 66% of people would like to enjoy outdoor dining and 91% of those polled are willing to patron an outdoor event or venue.

We asked for anonymous feedback. Here are are a few things we heard:: 

“In general, it’s the larger crowds that I’m more hesitant to join anytime soon. Most places right now where we’ve been in smaller groups seem to be doing a good job of keeping people distant enough.”

“I’m hoping July brings more answers about the spread of Covid19 and maybe lower numbers.”

“We are young and otherwise healthy, so not especially concerned about the effects on our family if contracted but want to consider the risk we pose for others (there are 6 of us).”

“I do not think it is safe to be either on an inside venue or outside large gathering. If we start large scale testing, and mask wearing becomes mandatory, I might re-access our decision.”

“While I would love to eat at a restaurant, with 2 small children it doesn’t seem worth the risk. And I want to take my kids to indoor places, it just seems hard with little hands touching too many things and they can’t be mindful of people.”

“COVID-19 is still extremely prevalent, and I don’t want to put my children at-risk when it’s unnecessary . We will do some outdoor activities that allow for social distancing like cook-outs, canoeing, biking at the park.”

“We can’t just hide inside until a vaccine is found. Almost half who get it are asymptomatic , many have very mild symptoms. While I most certainly don’t want to pass it along to my parents, the more young, healthy people who get it, the more immunity there is out there.”

“I feel with common sense and taking personal responsibility, I would feel safe choosing to participate in these activities.”

What about 2020 summer camps in Terre Haute? 

That is the million dollar question! We know that several full-time camps are available, because many, many people need childcare. If you’re looking for options, we have a list!

There are also several athletic camps that are scheduled.

But, in general, most people we polled are not participating in summer camp in Terre Haute in 2020. 



Parents seem to be inclined to skip virtual options this year. Only about 30% would consider virtual. 

Here is some of what we heard:

“In no way is ANYTHING that is “virtual” going to get my kids interest!! I feel like that’s way more screen time then they should be getting at any age. We are strict about screen time in our household! Summer/warm weather isn’t meant to be spent in front of a screen of any kind!”

“I’d love to say that we’d remain committed, but it would be hard to devote too much attention to it with my other younger children in the house.”

“Camp is all about running around, playing, making friendships, having freedom from the normal home routine. A virtual camp kind of sounds like a joke. Why not just watch Youtube for silly songs, craft projects, and activities?”

“I would love my child to have access to planned activities, exchange ideas with teachers and other peers. I would love if the local places would create a “camp in a box” i.e., sending a box with the camp materials, and doing classes online for 2-3 hrs a day. We are working full time and that would be immensely helpful for us.”

“We love the idea of still gathering virtually. It still allows our kiddos to share with other kiddos. Or get a bit of education that they can still benefit from. Time spent doing that is better than Roblox.”

“As a teacher, I know that virtual is a pale, poor substitute for the real deal.”

“I’d sign up for online classes any day, any season.”

“If my child cannot attend a camp onsite it would serve no purpose in my situation and honestly wouldn’t be worth the time or trouble in trying to get my child interested in a virtual experience.”

“I believe that camps and classes are taught with socializing in mind. Kids learn better through peer groups. I do not feel like virtual anything gives kids the peer interaction that they need. I can easily keep my child occupied without the need for constant internet interactions.”

“My children are too young to have an online attention span. We do plan on using the library’s personal librarian option and coming up with new activities and crafts to do at home.”

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our survey. Coffee card headed to courtneycox887! Check your email! 

Survey results are conclusive in one aspect at least: 2020 will be a summer like none other!

We’re thankful to have you, your voice, your opinion, and your family here in our community. We continue to love where we live, and we hope you do too.