Enjoy the Sunshine! Great Places to Eat Outside in Terre Haute

We recently returned from a a trip across the country (with stops  in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming, and Nebraska), and you know what we realized? There is nothing more lovely than a beautiful day right here in Indiana. Oh sure, those western states have epic scenery, but we returned home to a state that is blooming with color and life.

(Of course all Hoosiers know that the most brilliant days are sandwiched between seasons of frigid cold and stifling humidity, but that just means we need to carpe diem and spend as much time outside while it’s gorgeous as possible.)

On my phone, I keep a list of all of our favorite places to eat outside in Terre Haute. I refer to it when we feel the need to eat outside, and I figured it’s about time I shared it with all of you! It seems stingy to keep it to myself when I know you all want to enjoy the nice weather too.

So without further ado…

20 Places to Eat Outside in Terre Haute with Kids


One of our favorite places to eat outside is Grand Traverse Pie Company. The Pie Company’s patio is covered and has built-in fans, so it’s a nice place to hang out when the sun is hot.

Right across the street, Barnes and Noble (ISU bookstore) has tables, chairs, and umbrellas set up for you to enjoy your drinks and cafe food.

Things to do with kids at Barnes and Noble in Terre Haute

Because it’s right off the Heritage Trail, we love to bike to 7th and Elm. While trains in Terre Haute are no longer novel for parents, kids still get excited about them. While eating outside at 7th and Elm, your kids could get the chance to see one or several trains.

Mogger’s is one of the first restaurants I recommend to Terre Haute visitors because it’s downtown, affordable, and uniquely Terre Haute. Mogger’s also has a newly-remodeled patio for eating outside.

J. Gumbo’s is adorable. If you haven’t been inside lately, stop by to check out the decor! They also have a few covered tables where you can enjoy your meal outside.

Crossroads Cafe and Corner Grind have outdoor seating areas.

We have lots of fond memories from Saratoga.  It’s owned and operated by a local family that loves Terre Haute and does a lot for our community.

Clabber Girl is one of our favorite places to head when we have some time to kill. After lunch, we meander through the free museum.

20 places to eat outside in Terre Haute

3rd Street

As you drive down 3rd street, you’ll find outdoor seating at Real Hacienda and Panda Express.

Have you ever noticed that your kids’ favorite restaurant, Chick-fil-A, has an outdoor seating area? We’re usually too busy playing inside to notice anything, but it’s good to know that you can eat outside and enjoy the nice weather if you’d like!

In the mood for pizza? Monical’s has a fenced in patio. One day we had the outdoor area to ourselves. Our toddler ran around while we enjoyed a (relatively) peaceful lunch.

Los Tres Caminos on south 3rd has a fenced-in, outdoor eating area.

Panera has an outdoor patio.

The Cheddar’s patio is especially interesting because of the flames and water!

Places to eat outside in Terre Haute with kids!


Out and About

Rick’s Barbecue is on the east side of town. Sit on the covered patio and enjoy the smells of the smoking meat right around the corner.

Fifi’s Lunch Box in a unique restaurant on Wabash that has a covered patio and a bowl of water for your pets.

Java Haute has a cute patio with umbrellas. It’s a great lunch destination!

Just east of town, the Lake House has a lovely view (of a lake, naturally) from their outdoor patio. This business was closed for awhile, but has recently reopened under the name “Big Willy’s Lakehouse.”

On your way to Brazil, you’ll also pass Kleptz, which has an outdoor patio and inexpensive food for kids.

The Original Green Acres Dairy Bar has a GREAT, fenced-in play area for kids!


Reader Favorites

Readers have also taken the time to remind me of their favorites outdoor locations!

  • Sweet Lou’s Pizzeria on 25th
  • Roly Poly
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Sonka’s (adults only)
  • Charlie’s at 19th and College (adults only)

Businesses, if you see your name on this list, please share and help spread the word! 

Did we miss your favorite place to eat outside in Terre Haute? If so, let me know!