Terre Haute Has the Best Mountain Bike Trail in Indiana!

Many people in Terre Haute remember a time before The Griffin Bike Park. Why? Because it wasn’t all that long ago that this amazing space was nothing more than a dream and a piece of dirt on the property of the Vigo County Parks Department near Fowler Park.

And now? Just a few short years after its grand opening, the Griffin Bike Park is getting peppered with labels and accolades such as the “#1 Mountain Bike Trail in Indiana”!

Isn’t it wonderful when outsiders acknowledge the greatness of our little corner of the universe?

Over on Singletracks.com (“Mountain Bike Trails and Reviews”), mountain biking fanatics are saying things like:

From Markc52003:

Great bike park with something for everyone. From kids on strider bikes on the basic training trail to expert riders on the jump line, expert trails & dual slalom course and everything in between. It’s a must-ride destination that you can make a weekend out of.

From Stakeman:

 I will admit, I was intimidated about going to the park for the 1st time. Once I got there and saw the various ages, 6-70 years olds riding, I quickly started riding in the beginner area with my grandson. I moved up to the dual slalom and then to one of the easier trails. There is something for every skill level, and whatever difficulty you are looking for. Great family activity to keep you in the best of shape. I’m excited about doing more riding when I retire this spring!

The complete Griffin Bike Park profile on Singletracks is worth reading before you hit the trails! 

A lot of the reviews are from cyclists who have spent a significant amount of time on mountain bike trails.

But what readers of Haute Happenings want to know is this: is Griffin Bike Park suitable for novice riders, kids, and families? Should I take my kids to Griffin Bike Park? 

One of my neighbors (Melissa) happens to be a member of the Griffin family, and she had this to say:

It’s been an amazing experience to see so many people come out of the woodwork to help and support our family and the bike park. After my Brother-in-law, Dale, was KIA in Oct ’09, money was donated to our family. My in-laws started a yearly scholarship fund for students from each of the local high schools. We still had such an outpouring of support, and we wanted to build something that Dale would’ve loved and that would support veterans, military families, and honored fallen soldiers.

It’s been a fun place to be involved in while our family is growing up! The main area is called the “LZ” and it’s a big open area so kids of different abilities can do different things and I can still spend time/keep an eye on kids. We also spend a lot of time on the Basic Training trail that is a mile of simple/ beginner level trail that has a little swing set and shaded picnic area.

Griffin Bike Park: Best Mountain Bike Trail in Indiana

Our family often uses our cargo bike for transportation (which means we’re eager to see anything in Terre Haute related to bikes and cycling succeed!), but we’re certainly not cyclists or “mountain bikers.”

But our kids have a blast at the bike park!

You can see a live video of our first visit to Griffin Bike Park with kids (for reference, our girls had just turned 2, 5, and 7 at the time) on the Haute Happenings facebook page.


At the end of that first night, we were filthy in the best possible way.

The girls squealed, screamed, laughed, and begged for more time on the trails.

Admission to this extraordinary park is completely free! Griffin Bike Park is open 24/7…as the weather permits. For trail status updates, watch Griffin Bike Park on Twitter or Facebook. The park’s physical address is 10700 Bono Rd, Terre Haute, IN.

No mention of an adventure activity would be complete without highlighting a few safety rules.

Kids and adults can and do fall on mountain bike trails. The landings can be rough. Riders are responsible for wearing a helmet with a buckled chin strap. Gloves, pads, full face helmets are also recommended.

Riding at night? Bring lighting equipment.

Have kids under 13? They must be supervised by an adult age 18 or over. 

You can read all of the safety rules and find out more about the unique history, empowering legacy, and trail development on the official Griffin Bike Park website.

The Griffin Bike Park hosts family-friendly events for the community throughout the year. Most of them are free, and we include these events in the monthly calendars on HauteHappenings.com!