Join the Community! Celebrate Summer in the Wabash Valley with our 2018 Summer Challenge

Here at Haute Happenings, we believe that the people who love Terre Haute the most are those who 1) can look at our area through a lens of optimism and 2) those who have found their people. Let me explain.

  1. Terre Haute’s reputation is improving! We no longer hear people complain that there’s “nothing to do in Terre Haute.” Perhaps people no longer say this to us because they know we run an entire website devoted to the fact that there is, in fact, plenty to do! 😉 The people who can appreciate the truly great things happening in the Terre Haute area become people who love living here!
  2. We believe that Terre Haute’s greatest assets are our people. If you find your people, if you get connected, if you form meaningful relationships with the down-to-earth, low-key, quick-to-smile people that populate our community, chances are good the Haute will feel more like home.

What does this have to do with our summer challenge? We want to help you embrace summer, connect with others, and love where you live!

How does that work? It’s simple! Throughout summer, we’ll add “challenges”to this page that highlight local events and activities for you to enjoy with your family.

What’s in it for you? Well, there are prizes. If you have a public instagram profile, follow Haute Happenings on instagram, and post a picture using the #Hautehappenings tag, if you join the 365 Things to Do in Terre Haute and the Wabash Valley facebook group and add pictures of your adventures to our weekly share thread, or even if you send us an email to HauteHappenings (@), you’ll be entered to randomly win prizes from awesome local businesses such as Terre Haute Chick fil A and the Vigo County YMCA.

If you like competition, it’s worth noting that each activity you share in our group or with the #HauteHappenings hashtag on instagram counts as one entry!

But even more important than winning prizes, you’ll (hopefully) connect with others who share your enthusiasm for our area and make awesome summer memories with your kiddos. After all, Vigo County students have just 68 days of summer vacation! You’re going to want to make the most of this time with your kids!

This is a no pressure challenge! Don’t try to over-schedule your family or do all the things. In our oh-so-humble opinions, it’s just as important to sleep-in, chill, and stay home in the summer as it is to get out and have fun!

To recap: try something (try anything!) from our 150 Things to Do This Summer massive master summer list  and/or from our summer challenge sheets and then tell others about the fun you’re having via instagram and/or in our facebook group. If you share these experiences with others, you may win a prize and you’ll definitely walk away with the feeling that you carpe diemed the heck out of summer vacation!

Ready to jump in? Let’s get started! Here’s our master list of summer fun: 150 Things to Do This Summer


Want more specific ideas? Here are our weekly challenges!

Week 3 Summer Challenge


Week 2 Summer Challenge


Week 1 Summer Challenge

Sweepstake Details:

To be eligible to win prizes through instagram, you must follow Haute Happenings, make your IG account public (for this season so we can see your submissions) and tag your pictures with the #HauteHappenings hashtag.

To be eligible to win through facebook, you must join the 365 Things to Do in Terre Haute and the Wabash Valley facebook group and add your pictures to our weekly share thread. Each activity/event you submit counts as one entry.

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