Wabash Valley U-Pick Strawberry Patches, Farms, and Fields to Visit and Enjoy

Each summer, we make it a point to hit up one of the Wabash Valley strawberry patches that have a u-pick option, because the kids always have a fantastic time! Based on our experiences, here’s what I’d recommend for anyone who plans to visit a strawberry patch with kids.

Dress the kids accordingly. I thought that ticks and bugs might be a problem, so my girls (ages one and three) wore jeans. Big mistake! They were miserably hot. Plus, the orchard had placed straw in the rows, so I didn’t feel like bugs were much of a problem. On the other hand…

Bring sunscreen. Or hats. And sunglasses. Or a combination of hats, sunscreen, shade umbrellas, and sunglasses.

BYObucket. Or don’t. Most strawberry patches have containers in which you can collect your berries. We brought along gallon ice cream containers, which could hold more than the usual green berry baskets.

Bring cash (or call about accepted forms of payment before you go). There’s a chance your orchard/strawberry patch/farm won’t be equipped to handle credit card transactions.

Don’t underestimate the littlest tots. We had about ten kids in our group, and my three-and-a-half-year-old was the oldest. All of the kids who could walk seemed to enjoy the picking process. Sure, they sampled a berry or two, but my oldest was intent on collecting as many bright, red berries as possible. On that note…

Prep your pickers. On the way to the strawberry patch, I reminded my little ones that we were looking for red berries without bad spots or holes.

Put your berries to good use. We ate a gallon of plain berries in a couple of days. But doesn’t this watermelon and strawberry smoothie sound divine?

Local friends, keep reading! Below you’ll find a list of local strawberry patches.


Wabash Valley Strawberry Patches Near Terre Haute

  1. Fresh on Cypress at Miller Farms is a relatively-new blackberry farm in Terre Haute!
  2. Ditzler Orchard is in Rosedale (North of TH) and about 25-minutes from central Terre Haute. They say best picking in 2019 will be May 31 to June 20.
  3. Those who live closer to Brazil may want to check out Tuckers in Clay City. (Tucker Farm Produce on facebook).  They are about six miles south of the 46 and 59 intersection.
  4. About 51 miles from Terre Haute in Cloverdale is a patch called MG Strawberry Farm. Their first season in Cloverdale was 2016.
  5. About 50 minutes from Terre Haute is a place called Blann Berries in Oaktown, IN. Blann Berries closed in 2019
  6. In Rosedale, Indiana (about 45 minutes from Terre Haute) there’s a place called Yowell Farms.
  7. People who live in West TH may want to venture to Pumpkin Works for raspberries. Pumpkin works closed in 2018. 
  8. In Fillmore, Indiana, there’s a place called Chandler’s Farm that has berries in the spring and apples and pumpkins in the fall.
  9. About 60 miles to the southwest of Terre Haute is a place called Bigard’s Strawberry Patch and Peach Orchard in Newton, Illinois.
  10. If you’re willing to venture towards Bloomington, there’s a place called Scottish Acres in Bowling Green that I’ve heard has u-pick patches.
  11. About an hour from Terre Haute is an ORGANIC farm called Sweetness Farms in Fillmore, Indiana.

Strawberry farms and stands come and go, so please call or message them to confirm before you head out for a visit!

What did I miss? Send me a message or comment on our facebook page so that I can update this list!

Wabash Valley Strawberry Patches and U-pick farms


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