How far would you drive….for donuts? Spotlight on Wheel House Donuts.

If you ever have reason to be in the Rockville (Indiana) area, my friends keep telling me that Wheel House Donuts is THE place to be.

What’s so special about a donut shop? I asked my friend Christen to share some thoughts and pictures from her first visit!

Worth the Drive? Spotlight on Wheel House Donuts in Rockville, Indiana

“Today we tried the highly recommended Wheel House Donuts in Rockville, Indiana! We had heard it was great & our visit did not disappoint. We found it easily enough, although our GPS didn’t work so well in that area of Parke County, but we knew it was basically behind the Thirty Six Saloon, so it was easy to find!

They have turned a small house into this very cool, quaint little donut shop.

It’s somewhere that you could easily hang out for hours & work on your laptop, using their free wifi!

The atmosphere is very inviting with fun pops of color, like a bright teal couch, and a giant chalkboard wall with all of their menu written on it.

There are tables to sit & enjoy your food, which includes breakfast sandwiches, as well as the donuts.

The best part of our visit, was, of course, the donuts!

When we got there, we were given a card that we could use to choose all of our donut toppings. I’m a chocolate lover, so I was excited to see that I could get fun icings like caramel & maple Drizzled with chocolate!! Yum!!

My kids were weighing their options for quite a while as the very nice & helpful lady behind the counter helped walk them through all of the different options. In the end they chose to bypass some of the more interesting toppings (fruity pebbles), and went with white icing & rainbow sprinkles, strawberry icing with mini m&m’s, and chocolate icing with oreo crumbles!

They were all absolutely delicious & my kids were having a blast eating them after being able to watch as they decorated them & presented them to us freshly packaged in their fun box! We got some chocolate milk to go with our donuts and we were set to enjoy our breakfast! It was so much fun & we’ll definitely be back again & again!”

Know Before You Go:

  • Owners Craig Waugh and Valerie Vezey grew up in small-town Canada. The donuts are fresh cake donuts made-to-order and you get to choose your icing/topping.
  • Be prepared that you might not have a strong cell/data/GPS signal near the shop. Familiarize yourself with your map and directions before you go.
  • Credit cards are accepted.
  • When polled, friends told me they love the sea salt caramel donut and chocolate ice with sea salt.
  • In addition to donuts, Wheel House Donuts coffee, sandwiches, salads, and soup.
  • As of August 2018, Wheel House Donut hours are Mon-Sat: 6:30am-6pm & Sun 8am-2pm. For delivery or pickup order please call (765) 731-1111.¬†

Hungry for more pictures? Check out these drool-worthy images taken by Courtney Prather at Wheel House Donuts!