8 Reasons to Get Excited About the New Meijer!

A few months ago, I reached out to Meijer.com and asked if they would like my help in publicizing the opening of their new store in Terre Haute, IN. They agreed! This means that HauteHappenings.com is now partnering with Meijer, and this post is sponsored. My excitement over the fact that Meijer is coming to our town is genuine; my enthusiasm is all my own! 

I love that Meijer believes in our “little” town enough to open a location here. We’re a loyal group of shoppers who like good deals, clean stores, and friendly service. I think Meijer will deliver all of these things. But since most of us haven’t been able to shop regularly at a Meijer up until this point, I wanted to find out more about the Meijer experience. What I learned is that there are at least eight awesome reasons why families love Meijer.

For some of these answers, I polled out-of-town friends and online acquaintances. I thought their unbiased opinion would be useful.

Secrets and tips from real moms who love to shop at Meijer

1) The (m)Perks.

Moms love Meijer’s coupon system, mPerks. You can search and clip digital store and manufacturer coupons from the mPerks website or from the Meijer mobile app. When you shop, you get rewarded for the things you already buy with the mPerks personalized rewards program. No cutting, sorting, or forgetting paper coupons.

One friend said, “Their mPerks system is easy to use and you get rewards for spending money on things you would buy anyway like diapers.”

Their policy also allows for matching competitor coupons! You can read all of the details of the Meijer coupon policy HERE.

8 reasons why families love to shop at Meijer

2) The produce section and the organic line.

My friends who love Meijer rave about the price and quality of the produce section.

One person told me, “they have a wonderful selection and you can often find unique types of fruits and veggies that can be hard to find elsewhere…They have their own organic label, which is very affordable.” And another person added, “They have lots of store brand organic items that are fantastic and only slightly more expensive than non-organic options.”

Reasons why families love to shop at Meijer

3.) The free prescription program. 

Free prescriptions? Really? I figured there had to be a catch, but my contact at Meijer assured me that they offer a few specific prescriptions (and some non-prescription medicines like prenatal vitamins) for free regardless of insurance or co-pay. You can see the full list of free prescriptions here.

Another tip from a friend: “Whenever I have a prescription I check with the mPerks reward program, sometimes using the generic Meijer’s brand comes in significantly cheaper.”8 tips and secrets from parents who love to shop at Meijer

4.) The local community support. 

Meijer donates more than 6 percent of its net profit to charitable organizations annually, and each of its stores works with local food pantries and banks to help fight hunger at the local level. Since 2008, the retailer’s Simply Give program has generated more than $15.5 million for its food pantry partners throughout the Midwest.

(When Meijer designates a charity to support in Terre Haute, I’ll let you know!)

5.) The sample days. 

I’ve heard that Meijer has a lot of sample days (usually on weekends).

6.) The support for dads who do diaper duty.

8 Reasons to Shop at Meijer

Someday this will be standard everywhere. Until then, I can appreciate Meijer’s understanding that the dads of today are hands-on and very involved.

7.) The deals on clothes and shoes.

I always imagined that Meijer was strictly a grocery store, but I’ve since learned that it’s a one stop shop. It’s a great place to find good deals on kid clothes and adult shoes.

8.) The penny pony rides.

This, my friends, might be the number one reason why we’re excited to start shopping at Meijer. (I’m easy-to-please.) But seriously, who wouldn’t get excited about pony rides for just one penny? Our girls have literally been raiding their piggy banks for money to ride the pony.

8 Reasons why families love to shop at Meijer

Meijer will officially open for business in Terre Haute, IN on Thursday, July 30. Doors will open at 7 a.m., and we welcome everyone and anyone in the neighborhood to join us at the ribbon-cutting ceremony which will begin at 10 a.m.

Grand opening events and promotions start on Sunday, August. 2. 

Meijer to Open Soon in Terre Haute, Indiana!