Visit the New Terre Haute Airport Restaurant: “The Fly-IN Cafe”

Have you heard that there’s a new restaurant/cafe at the Terre Haute Regional Airport? It’s called the Fly-IN Cafe, and it’s currently open for breakfast and lunch most days of the week (currently not on Mondays) with select dinner events. Check the Fly-IN cafe facebook page for specific hours and potential changes to the schedule!

Restaurant at the Terre Haute Regional Airport

Fly-IN Cafe: Terre Haute Airport Restaurant

We went with a very large playgroup, so we didn’t quite get the usual restaurant experience. We had 30+ moms and kiddos, and the owners set us up in a large conference room. (To read what others are saying about their restaurant experience, check out the facebook reviews.) I would say that we’re not qualified to comment on things such as usual restaurant service, but the location, view, and menu would be the same no matter the size of group!


Well, technically we had 30 moms and kids…and one dad. My husband flies out of the Terre Haute airport, so he came along to drop off some paperwork for the plane he flies. You can see him below talking to our girls about runways and landing patterns and other stuff that I hope our girls someday understand.


The conference room, like the restaurant, was surrounded by windows with a great view of planes taking off/landing and fuel trucks on their way to meet planes.

Our group decided that the portion sizes were fairly large and the prices reasonable. Our daughters had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a cup of fruit for $2.99.

Fly IN Cafe: Terre Haute Airport Restaurant Menu. See more on

The FBO (airport) has been remodeled recently, and we loved the extra aviation touches like the lamps, the wing/table (pictured below), and the propellers used as bar stool legs.terrehauteairport6

The owners knew our group would be bringing a lot of kids, so they ordered extra high chairs. They also have changing tables in the nearby restrooms; this is definitely a necessity in a family-friendly restaurant.

See our first grader’s “Future Pilot” shirt? She actually wants to be a farmer who owns a horse, an artist, and maybe a pilot, but I keep telling her that (if she wants) she can find a way for those three things to work together. Dream big!


Need another reason to get excited about visiting the Terre Haute airport? Mark your calendar for the Terre Haute Airshow on August 18-19, 2018.

General Admission tickets (which include parking) are on sale now through May 31 at $10. This is an incredible value for a world-class air show. General Admission Ticket prices will increase to $15 in June and will be $20 at the gate. Buy early to save!
More details about the air show coming soon on!

Visit the Fly-In Cafe at the Terre Haute Airport