What’s for dinner? Families will love this new local option!

I’m beyond excited to introduce to you our newest site sponsor and business partner–DinnerCall. You can get $10 off your first meal by downloading with our affiliate link! (Once you place an order, we get $5 added to our account. I love this because I plan to “fix” dinner often in this way. Once you sign up, you can get an affiliate link of your own to share with friends!)

A NEW local dinner option! Food delivery Terre Haute

People often assume that stay-at-home parents (like me) are excellent homemakers. But I’ll be honest–I’m a terrible homemaker. We currently pay a grad student to help clean our house, my husband does plenty of laundry, and I make a few big meals each week so we can rely on leftovers.

Some people might feel like I’m not doing my job. But I do other things well. I keep our two preschoolers alive, run two websites, snuggle various foster babies, and make sure our family culture includes lots of rich experiences–like travel, music classes, soccer teams, books, bike rides, time to play and imagine, picnics, and dance parties in the kitchen.

I’m mediocre (at best) at household tasks, and focus instead on the things I do well.

So when I was scrolling through facebook the other day and saw that DinnerCall was looking for ambassadors in Terre Haute, I responded right away. Actually, I didn’t just respond. I practically begged them to work with me. I need this service. Thankfully, DinnerCall liked what they saw on Haute Happenings (Hey, focusing on my strengths has paid off!), and they agreed to sponsor this post and partner with our site.

So what is DinnerCall?

Simply put, it’s a new app that allows you to order fresh, hot meals from Baesler’s.

Check out this NEW to-go dinner option in Terre Haute! Order food from Baesler's and have it delivered to your car!

There will be 2 options of prepared meals (that are ready-to-eat), and 2 options of recipe kits (that are ready-to-prepare) each day.

Dinner call is a NEW local dinner option and alternative to food delivery Terre Haute

How does DinnerCall work? Order and pay for your meal through the DinnerCall app and select a pick-up time to get your meal from Baesler’s.

Curbside Food Delivery Terre Haute

At the designated pick-up time, go to Baesler’s, call the store (from the app), and someone will deliver your meal to your car!

Curbside pickup for a dinner that’s fast, fresh, and convenient? Take my money. I’m sold. I need easy, local dinner options, and I like supporting local grocers (like Baesler’s).

NEW to-go food service for Terre Haute, Indiana. Order a meal from Baesler's and have it delivered to your car!

What’s on the menu? Here’s the starting selection. More options coming soon! These options serve 3-4 and you can easily place a double order for 6-8 people.

  • Fried chicken with mashed potatoes, mac n’ cheese, and house salad: $24.99
  • Lasagna with garlic breadsticks, and house salad: $33.99
  • Rotisserie chicken with green beans, house salad, and dinner rolls: $22.99
  • Baked chicken with mashed potatoes, green beans, and dinner rolls: $22.99
  • Fried chicken with mustard potato salad, green beans, and dinner rolls: $17.99
  • Chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes and buttered corn: $23.99

But there’s more than great Baesler’s food! There’s also a social mission. DinnerCall isn’t just about getting food on your table. Their mission is to bring families back around the dinner table by providing fresh and affordable family-style meals from grocery stores. The social mission is called the Billion Dinners movement. (Find out more HERE.) This function of the app prompts families to track their dinners together, take photos, and receive conversation starters.

DinnerCall--curbside pickup dinner option that's a great alternative to food delivery Terre Haute

The app and curbside dinner service officially launches in Terre Haute on March 23 and you can bet I’ll be ordering a meal right away for my family. Want to join me and compare notes? Together our purchases can help welcome DinnerCall to Terre Haute and give them a great start to their new business.

Download the app (click here) and get started. New users get $10 off of their first meal just for signing up!

Curbside to-go from Baesler's and the DinnerCall app!