Terre Haute Cereal Bar: Checking Out The Meeting Grounds and the Milky Way Cafe

When was the last time you’ve been to “The Meeting Grounds”? If this name is new to you, let me introduce you. The Meeting Grounds is located in a beautiful, old church building on the corner of 6th and Washington in Terre Haute.

Places to take kids in Terre Haute: The Meeting Grounds Coffee House

People who’ve been in town awhile might recognize the building as what used to be the Telle Prayer Chapel and the exact address is 1400 S 6th St in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Although the building has been re-purposed, I imagine the inside hasn’t changed much over the years.

The stained glass windows, murals, organ pipes, and hardwood floors make this a place where you could go to whisper secrets with a friend, catch up on work emails, or read a good book.

The Meeting Grounds in Terre Haute

But don’t let the sacred touches fool you–The Meeting Grounds isn’t too fussy to be kid-friendly. Quite the opposite, in fact!

Terre Haute Cereal Bar: The Milky Way Cafe

Most recently, The Meeting Grounds has been turned into a CEREAL BAR called the Milky Way Cafe!

Milky Way Cafe Cereal Bar in Terre Haute

For $2, you can get a mix of cereal, toppings, and milk. (These prices and options were accurate as of July 2018.) 


Our five-year-old doesn’t drink cow’s milk, so she was thrilled to see they have vanilla almond milk on the menu!

Terre Haute Cereal Bar

In fact, she declared it was the “best second breakfast” she had ever had.

From The Meeting Grounds facebook page:  “We have our own hand ground and brewed coffee from all over the world by The Edge Beanery, Terre Haute’s ONLY cereal bar by the Milky Way Cafe, and the best space to create and think. We are a non-profit organization in support of Next Step Inc. that is truly changing the space of this community.”


The Milky Way Cafe has also recently added CARTOONS to its Saturday morning lineup from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. They also have a yard sale also outside on Saturdays to drive more people to the store!