Backpacks, supplies, and prizes for all kids! All you have to do is….

Join the Vigo County Public Library’s summer reading program!

In this crazy time of Covid, our family is grateful for the normalcy and fun that our public library provides in all circumstances.

This is a sponsored post, but our love and praise for the library is 100% authentic! I like to joke that we are the library’s best customers. In the not-too-distant past, I had 97 books checked out. (There’s a 100 book limit per card.)  This summer, our family has been especially impressed by the personal librarian picks, curbside pick up, painting with Nicole, the joint partnerships between the library and Terre Haute Children’s Museum, and (of course) the challenges on the summer reading program!

I asked my friend, Sarah, to explain a few of the Imagine Your Story summer reading highlights:

  • Beanstack can be accessed through both an app and through the website You create your own login and log your own hours. It’s easy!
  • You can guide your own experience and make the Summer Reading Program as simple or as difficult as you want by choosing what badges to tackle.
  • Summer Reading is for everyone in the family. There are four different age groups 0-5 Family Literacy, 6-11 Kids, 12-19 Teens, 19+ Adults. These four programs are very similar, so they are easy to navigate, but they are all appropriate for the specific age group they serve.
  • Kids 0-19 will earn a free book when they register for the summer reading program through Beanstack.
  • Besides reading this summer, there are other activities that you can do. These are called challenge badges.
  • Doing activities and reading both earn tickets that can be used to earn digital tickets toward grand prizes. There are three grand prizes for each category (0-19). View them here for ages!
  • To complete the challenge, you have to unlock 15 badges. Each person can determine which 15 they want to take on. Upon completion, ages 0-19 earn a backpack full of books, school supplies and toys.
  • There are special prizes that you have a chance to earn in addition to free books, backpacks, and grand prizes. When you complete badges hosted by the Terre Haute Children’s Museum, Vigo County Historical Society or the Swope Art Museum you could win a membership to that particular museum.

Want a fantastic visual of the reading program? Check this out!

Our five girls have almost collected all of their badges. The first kiddo to finish loved picking up her backpack filled with supplies!

There’s still time for you to join and log your activities and reading. In the time of Covid, this is a great way to bring free, healthy fun into your summer!

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