Take a Tour of the Terre Haute Murals!

When MACC (a local group for moms) issued a photo challenge to families to check out the Terre Haute murals, the moms knocked the challenge out of the park. One of our favorite inspo families even had props and shirts! 


We’re currently on the hunt for a local “812” t-shirt source, but Amazon (affiliate link) has them in the meantime.

This would be a great scavenger hunt, but I needed a list of locations. Here’s what we have so far! 

Downtown Terre Haute

Coca-Cola mural at the Vigo County Historical Museum: 929 Wabash Avenue Terre Haute, IN 47807.

Crossroads Plaza Mural on Wabash Ave.

Stiffy Green at J. Ford’s Black Angus: 129 South 7th Street, Terre Haute, IN 


Downtown alley between the Indiana Theatre and Haute House Flats

Two murals at the Veterans Memorial Museum: 1129 Wabash Ave, Terre Haute, IN, United States, Indiana


12 Points

Flora and Fauna by Shayla Fish at 2170 N. 13th Street behind Ferm Fresh


Team of Mercy 


Hearts behind The Local Vinyl and Ferm Fresh (2170 N 13th Street Suite 101, Terre Haute, IN)

Illumination Wellness

Pink of Terre Haute 

Other Terre Haute Mural Locations

Pizza King on Wabash.

Follow Whitney (her kids pictured in the Pizza King and Deming Park photos!) from Polka-Dotty Place (and Jordan Bakery Box) for more fun ideas and inspiration! 

Deming Park Train Station (Deming Park is located at Fruitridge and Ohio Boulevard)

ISU behind the Welcome Center


Charlie’s Pub and Grub: 1608 Crawford St, Terre Haute, IN

Sunflowers at The Apple House: 2611 Harding Avenue Terre Haute, Indiana


The murals outside and inside (changes seasonally) of Java Haute: 3805 Wabash Ave. Terre Haute, IN 47803

Anger from Inside Out at 17th and Wabash (Read the story of this mural here!) 

Since we posted this article, friends have told us about EVEN MORE Terre Haute murals! We don’t have pictures of these “new” (to us) murals YET. If you take a picture, please send it our way! 

  • Pizza Gallery at 630 E Davis Dr., Terre Haute 
  • Ballyhoo Bar and Industrial Supply Company near 900 Chestnut St, Terre Haute, IN 47807
  • CASY wall at 1101 S 13th St, Terre Haute, IN

We continue to feel proud of and impressed by our community. We hope this photo challenge helps you to love where you live! 

Having fun? Take the adventure one step further by visiting the murals in neighboring town of Brazil, Indiana or Marshall, IL