Do you know the story of how “Anger” ended up on a Terre Haute mural?

We’re obsessed with the “Anger” mural, and now we have pictures and the background story from the artist himself!

We cheered when we read this quote from Daniel (the artist): “Everyone always complains about Terre Haute, but they do nothing to improve it. That mentality has to be the first thing to improve.

You want to read this:

“My father (Jeff Bose) and uncle (Rick Burchell) bought the building in 1999. We moved my dad’s sign shop and uncle’s construction company in there along with my uncle Tim Bose who did AutoCAD house designs. A lot of different family members worked for all three. At times it seemed like getting paid for a family get together. It was a big part of all our lives in that building.

So watching it burn that night was extremely sad.

I knew that my dad would try to save as much as he could. But only half made it and barely that. He told me they would be re-siding the west wall at some point, so I had to seize the opportunity.

It took me a few days to decide what I wanted. It was between the anger guy and Jimmy Hendrix burning his guitar. But since I’ve never painted either one, I decided on the easier of the two. Also I figured not many kids would understand the Hendrix reference.

I really didn’t paint it for any particular reason, but it caught fire more than I expected, literally. It was amazing to see so many people taking pictures with it. I only painted it to show other places what can be done. When I tell companies or people that own buildings that I want to paint something there, it is hard to explain to them what it will be like or how it will look. I’m hoping all of this helps shine a light on what other cities are doing with blank, ugly walls. There are so many places for street art and so many people to fill those spaces.

But most people don’t want to give them the chance and I hope that changes. Everyone always complains about Terre Haute, but they do nothing to improve it. That mentally has to be the first thing to improve.
I also did the Club Soda fence, and I’m currently working on something for The Local Vinyl.”

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Tea, spilled. Thank you, Daniel, for your art!