Kid Cow Event at Chick-fil-A Terre Haute

Like so many other parents with young kids, I was thrilled when Chick-fil-A moved (or–bad pun alert!–moooooooved) to Terre Haute.  A clean restaurant with an indoor play place, pellet ice, grilled nuggets, and delicious Diet Lemonade is always welcome, in my book!

As an added bonus, Chick-fil-A Terre Haute has been offering more and more community events. Fans of Chick-fil-A are invited to the restaurant for special events such as Daddy-Daughter Date Night, Cow Appreciation Day, and Action Hero Night. Many of these events are FREE apart from the cost of your meals!

One such event that will recur a few times a month is the Kid Cow (formerly known as “Mini Moo”) morning for preschoolers ages two to four.

Kid Cow will take place on Thursdays (for now the plan is the second and fourth Thursday of the month) from 9:30 a.m to 11:00 a.m.

An hour and a half may seem like a long time for a preschool event, but it was relaxed and fun for the kids.  Let me break down my experience for you:

Kid Cow began with the kids signing in with Miss Pamela. There was no need to register ahead of time for the event, but she did collect names and pass out name tags.

Mini Moo or Kid Cow at Chick fil A Terre Haute

After check-in, the kids were invited to explore the tables set out with age-appropriate activities like puzzles, glue crafts,  patterns, and coloring sheets.

Events at Chick fil A

Naturally, some of the kids (including my oldest daughter) ran straight for the play area, while others (like my youngest) took their time digging into the activities.

Mini Moo or Kid Cow at Chick Fil A

After the kids explored the centers and played, Miss Pam invited them to sit around her for “Circle Time.” Miss Pam talked about the weather, the date, and then read/acted out We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (a fitting book choice given that the day’s theme was bears).  Miss Pam is a preschool teacher, and she really does a great job with the kiddos!

At the end of Mini Moo/Kid Cow, each preschooler got to take home a book and a balloon.

Kid Cow at Chick Fil A


All in, it was a great morning! And if I can get my family out the door by 9:30 (we’re not early risers), we will DEFINITELY go again!

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Chick fil a Terre Haute

Disclosure: I was Miss Pamela’s lunch guest after the first week of Mini Moo. However, I happily spend my own money at CFA quite frequently. Opinions expressed are entirely my own.