Terre Haute Music Lessons: Heartland Music Academy

It’s a common question among local parents: where can I go for Terre Haute music lessons? This year, Haute Happenings is proud to be working with a new partner, Heartland Music Academy, to highlight a group of Terre Haute music teachers!

They currently offer lessons for drums, guitar (electric, acoustic and classical), bass guitar, saxophone, piano, violin, and voice. Other instruments may be available upon request.

This music academy has nearly 200 students enrolled in private lessons! Whether you’re looking for lessons for a child, teenager, or adult, Heartland Music Academy can help nurture a love of music and improve musical skills.

When trying something new, it’s normal for kids (and their adults!) to be a bit nervous and have questions. We’ve been working with piano teacher Jason Allen to help demystify the music lesson experience! To get us started, here are a few questions we sent his way that we thought might prove useful to other families and potential students.

1. Can potential students try various instruments, or do they come to you with an instrument in mind?

I, personally, love showing students just what a piano can do! We have spare instruments for drums, guitar, piano and violin. If you aren’t sure which would be a good fit, we can help you find something.

2. What do your music students need to have at home?

At home, we hope there is an instrument in good shape (we can help you with that!) and somewhere semi-private where practice can happen.

3. What should families consider before they reach out to you?

A family should consider if they can commit in the long-term. We only ask a monthly commitment, however truly mastering an instrument is an endeavor that can take years. Excelling at making music is so enjoyable, it’s why we do what we do. I hope that parents and families will give us the time to help that happen.

Also, does your student have enough time to practice at home? Unlike swimming lessons or karate lessons, most of the work will happen at home. The lesson time is to teach new concepts and how to practice effectively at home. This can be hard when students are out almost to bedtime every day with other activities. Don’t misunderstand, some of our best students are involved in lots of activities, but they always have a good 15-30 minutes free each day they can spend getting better at an instrument.

4. What practice expectations or tips do you have?

This will vary by your teacher, but generally I expect my students to be practicing 6 or 7 days a week. A lot of my students are in grade school, so I’m not expecting an hour a day, but just a little time spent every day will work wonders. As far as solving the “How do I get my kid to practice?” conundrum, I recommend that parents treat students practice like homework. Most of my students don’t get iPad, phone, TV, other game privileges until chores and homework are done, adding 5-10 minutes of practice time is a low-conflict way of getting the most bang for your lesson buck.

What other questions do you have about Terre Haute music lessons and Heartland Music Academy? We’d love to research for you to make the experience of finding a music teacher in this group as simple and enjoyable as possible.

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Thank you to Heartland Music Academy for sponsoring this post! You can find out more about Terre Haute music lessons on the Heartland Music Academy website or facebook page.