FREE, Public Terre Haute Splash Pad!

We’ve waited years for a Terre Haute splash pad, and the time has finally come! The free and open-to-the-public splash park operated by Chances and Services for Youth opened in September 2019 with much fanfare and excitement.

Terre Haute Splash Park

In 2020, the summer hours for the community are noon until 7 pm. You may see the splash pad on and operating in the morning even though it’s not open to the public, because CASY summer campers will have access to the splash pad in the mornings. 

There are several sprays and buckets with room for splash pad to expand and grow! 

Fresh water is pumped into the equipment, and the water functions are operated by a large button on the nearby brick wall. 

The start and end dates of the season will largely depend on weather and outside temperature. 

We recommend using the restroom before you head to the splash park, but CASY has ordered two portable toilets. Parents and guardians may also want to bring their own portable chairs to sit, watch, and enjoy! 

The Terre Haute splash park is located at the Booker T. Washington Community Center and Chances and Services for Youth

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