8 Paved Paths and Trails in Terre Haute

Have you visited these paved paths and trails in Terre Haute on foot or with strollers, scooters, wheelchairs, or bikes!?

Paved Paths and Trails in Terre Haute

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  1. Heritage Trail. The National Road Heritage Trail is likely the most notable and recognizable paved path in all of Terre Haute. It extends approximately 6 miles from the Jones Trailhead at 1652 Chamberlain St all the way to Indiana State University. This path is free of motor vehicles and will give you picturesque views of creeks, wildlife, and native forestry.  You can find a pdf map here.  

2)  Maple Avenue Nature Park. Situated at 500 Maple Ave, this newer park is perfect for little legs. Follow the paved path around the lake, and reward your family with some playtime at the playground (when playgrounds are open) when you finish!


3) Hawthorn Park. This Vigo County park at 6067 E. Old Maple Avenue has a labyrinth, playground, lake, and 50 acres of wetlands. The wetland paths are not paved, and a few of the paths are not bike-friendly. However, those who venture along these trails are often rewarded with views of birds of prey, turtles, and beautiful views. 

4) Deming Park. No list of family-friendly Terre Haute parks would be complete without mention of Deming Park operated by Terre Haute Parks and Recreation. This park has a pool, the largest playground, shelters, disc golf, tennis, and (of course) lots of paved areas for exercise. 

5) Dobbs Trail. Travel from Deming to Dobbs along this wide, paved path on the east side of town. It’s often filled with runners, skaters, scooters, strollers, and families. 


6) ISU Football Stadium and the Indiana Veterans’ Memorial Mile. This path is likely the most unique paved path in our area. It’s one mile in length and loosely shaped like the state of Indiana! Make time to stop at the fitness stations or visit the cannon as you loop around this path that’s free from motor vehicles. 


7) Collett Park. Collett Park sits a few blocks from Maple Avenue Nature and has a large sidewalk around the perimeter and interior roads for cars, cyclists, and pedestrians. Collett Park is perhaps the most beautiful in springtime when pink and white petals fill the trees. 

8) Lost Creek Township Garden Trail. With a paved path, little free library, and butterfly garden, this short trail in Seelyville is perfect for little legs. 

9) Fairbanks park “Born Learning” trail. Fairbanks park sits along the shore of the Wabash River and has a gazebo, shelters, restroom, and a paved path that includes a United Way “Born Learning” trail! 

Bonus! Griffin Bike Park. Although our bike park is not paved, cyclists of all levels are invited to ride and adventure along the award-winning paths. It’s even been named the best mountain bike trail in Indiana! Click over to our article for pictures and details. 

Our readers helped us make this list, so we’re counting on you to let us know if there’s something we missed!  Of course typos happen, links break, and details change. Please confirm details before making your plans!