Did you know? The Wabash Valley has a rowing club!

Young athletes are invited to join the Wabash Valley Crew rowing club!
Wabash Valley Crew is open to all 8–12th graders.
An open row session is an opportunity for a student to try the sport out. If they would like to be a part of the team after this, registration opens in October for the season that starts in December (pre-season workouts) through May.
Wabash Valley Crew
There are no cuts and no tryouts. All participants row and can be on the team if they are willing to put the work in. We will announce an open meeting to be held in October for interested and potential rowers and their parents/guardian.
If you come to an open row session, we ask that the students arrive with a parent or legal guardian who can sign a waiver to participate. From there we will do a little instruction on the rowing machines, will review safety procedures, and all will be rowing on the water by the end of the session.
They recommend sun block as well as plenty of drinking water. Dress for a 5K run. In the fall and spring, they recommend sweatshirt with t-shirt underneath in case it warms up. They will row in the rain but not if thunderstorms are in the area.

Want to know more? Wabash Valley Crew has a facebook page.

(Editorial note–if you’re interested in a good rowing story, check out (affiliate link) Boys in the Boat! (It’s also available at the Vigo County Public Library!)