13 Resilient and Creative Local Resources for COVID-19 That May Make You Smile!

Everything has changed, and it’s hard to look on the bright side. However, with forced change we show how adapt, and what we know is that the exceptional people of the Terre Haute area are resilient and adaptable.

Here are a few of our favorite local responses to the big changes that have come with COVID-19.

Creative, Local Responses and Resources for COVID-19 in Terre Haute and the Wabash Valley

Get some exercise! We need to move, stay healthy, boost our spirits. Gyms are closing, but several local places such as JAM Fitness, Pulse, Wellness Box, and the Vigo County YMCA are offering free exercise classes online.

Create a canvas with Charm School. Pick up a canvas kit from Charm School that will include canvas, paintbrushes, paint and outlined canvas. Rather have a wooden cutout? Angela’s Images has painting kits ready for you to pick up soon at Charm School! 

Find a way to visit a loved one. My friend Leah wanted to take her kids to visit their grandpa but didn’t want to risk getting him sick, so she found a creative way to visit him and show him love.

Stay up with e-learning with videos from the Vigo County School Corporation. During this prolonged closure, Team Vigo will offer eight episodes of Team Vigo At Home. Each episode, they’ll tackle a different subject with ideas for students of all ages.

Host a digital, spatially-distant neighborhood scavenger hunt. Some neighborhoods are asking residents to put pictures (rainbows, shamrocks, positive sayings) in windows for kids to walk by and count.

In our neighborhood, I asked neighbors to share pictures of notable items on their properties so that we can hunt for these hidden treasures on our family walks. And BOY did our neighbors deliver! They sent pictures of tire swings, lime green doors, wreaths, trees, signs, and rocking chairs! Another neighbor then turned these pictures into THREE separate scavenger hunts. It has been so much fun for our family! 

Watch a science lesson at home from the Terre Haute Children’s Museum. The first episode asks the question: how well are you washing your hands?

Create artwork at home inspired by exhibits at the Swope Art Museum. They’ll have creative prompts on their social media pages for all ages!

Make masks for those working in the medical community. A nurse from Union Hospital sent us this info: Fabric face masks for local hospitals and EMS in the event that we run out of our supply during the COVID outbreak and can not order more. I’ve seen where some people are making masks for themselves or friends/family, but if we could get a sizable donation directly to the hospital, then plans could be made to launder, sanitize, and distribute in-house. Because the hospital doesn’t want people on-site unnecessarily, this nurse has volunteered to help collect donations. If you reach out (via text at 812-241-6667), please thank her from all of us for all she’s doing!

Grab a lunch for your kids thanks to community support and the Vigo County School Corporation. The site list is changing often, so the school corporation has added a map feature.

Sweeten your day with cupcake decorating! Tiers of Elegance is now offering Cupcake Decorating Kits! Each kit includes 9 undecorated cupcakes (wedding white, chocolate, and birthday cake), 1 bag of fresh made butter cream, 3 different types of sprinkles for decorating.

Get curbside groceries from local farmers. The Terre Haute Farmers Market is working toward a curbside pickup for pre-ordered grocery items in lieu of the regular Market on April 4th. 

Grab take-out, curbside, or car hop to feed the economy and your family. Brunch and mimosas to-go with the Butler’s Pantry, carhop Tweety burgers at Charlie’s, even drive-thru at a chain restaurant helps keep paychecks coming to our local workforce. Now is a great time to support local and chain restaurants who employ local workers!

Read magazines, listen to audiobooks, grab a book, watch a movie, or learn a new language. The Vigo County Public Library may have temporarily closed its physical location, but they still offer (for free) an abundance of downloadable material.

The people of Terre Haute continue to impress, inspire, and adapt. We’re honored to be your (spatially-distant) neighbor during this tough time.

Looking for more things to do? We’re using our list of 19 Super Simple Ways to Break Up a Day at Home to help figure out a new normal with 5 kids!