A Sweet Trip to an Old-Fashioned Soda Fountain Shop: Lynn’s Soda Fountain

A friend posted pictures of her kids drinking homemade root beer floats at the counter of a local soda fountain shop. My immediate question: “WE HAVE A SODA FOUNTAIN SHOP?! Tell me more!”

As it turns out, we do have a soda fountain shop in the Wabash Valley, and it’s pretty great.

Lynn’s Soda Fountain Shop in Brazil

For starters, let’s clarify something. This soda fountain is near Terre Haute not in Terre Haute. It’s actually a short drive away in Brazil, Indiana. From downtown Terre Haute, it’s about a 25-minute drive each way.

From the Lynn’s Soda Parlor Website:

“Lynn’s serves old-fashioned Cokes made with saved ice and carbonated water.   We buy Coca Cola syrup gallon jugs and measure the syrup individually for each drink.   We offer cherry, chocolate, chocolate-marshmallow, lemon, vanilla, and other flavors, and we make phosphates with a variety of flavors as well as milk shakes, malts, and sundaes with high quality ice cream.

The soda parlor has seating for 40 to 50 people.  Lynn Hostetler purchased the soda fountain decor in northern Indiana.  It came out of a regular soda shop.  Most fountains in drug stores were six to eight feet wide.  This one is more than 12 feet wide.  It had been in storage since 1969 when he had purchased it.   The soda fountain is stainless steel with an oak front.  An attractive oak back was made to match.”

All of the treats are made by hand, and the staff handled our kid chaos with grace and patience!

Amazingly, we managed to leave without knocking any delicate, unique, old-fashioned pharmacy doodads off the shelves.

The food prices were incredibly reasonable.

You could even add healthier sides like applesauce and carrots!)

But are you really going to an old-fashioned soda shop for the healthy sides? More likely, you’re going to check out the handmade floats, the marshmallow soda (whaaat?), and gigantic, sharable banana splits!

Lynn’s Soda Fountain was a wonderful reason to venture beyond Terre Haute for the morning.

It’s close enough that you could head over for lunch and be home by nap time, or you could combine it with a bigger outing like some swim time at the Forest Park Pool (read our spotlight review HERE), which is just a few minutes away!

And this wooden playground is one of the most imaginative play areas in the Wabash Valley.

Have you been?