Family Learning Adventure is the fun we’ve been looking for this fall!

Our partners at the Vigo County Public Library continue to make fun things happen no matter what the circumstances. Although this promotion is sponsored, our enthusiasm is genuine. We believe the Vigo County Public Library is truly one of our community’s greatest assets!

The Vigo County Public Library has done it again! For the month of September, they’ve put together DOZENS of fun challenges that can be accomplished with little or no contact with other people’s germs. It’s called “Family Learning Adventure” and it uses the “Beanstack” app and website. If you participated in this summer’s Summer Reading Program, you’re already familiar!

If this sounds new to you, here’s what you need to know:

  • Beanstack can be accessed through both an app and through the website You create your own login and log your own activities. It’s easy!
  • You can guide your own experience and make the Family Learning Adventure as simple or as difficult as you want by choosing what badges to tackle.

Be sure to sign up to receive your welcome kit!


A scan of the September “adventure” options will surely blow you away!

Art, agriculture, trains, history, science–it’s practically a month-long educational curriculum that also happens to be unbelievably fun.


Your child can earn a “kit” by completing some of the challenges. Kits that can be picked up include piggy banks & seed bombs!

All in all, children can earn up to 8 books by completing various challenges! 

Delivery and Curbside from the Vigo County Public Library

While we’re chatting about the awesomeness of the library, have your tried using library curbside or delivery?

Our family might argue that curbside for BOOKS is the best pandemic pivot we’ve seen. 

  • To pick up your items at the Main Library:
    • Park in one of the available designated parking spaces in the East lot, outside the South Entrance.
    • Call 812.234.0360
    • Provide staff with the number of your parking spaces, and either information from your Library card or ID while on the telephone with staff.
    • Staff will bring out your items and place them either in your trunk or on the sidewalk near your vehicle. 
  • To pick up your items at the West Library:
    • Park where your vehicle will be visible from the doorway.
    • Call 812.235.2121
    • Provide either information from your Library card or ID while on the telephone with staff.
    • Staff will place them in your trunk, on the sidewalk near your vehicle, or inside the South Entrance during inclement weather. 

Not able to get to the library? No worries! The library delivers. Yes, it’s true! THE LIBRARY DELIVERS. 2020 might not be the best year overall, but I’ll count free book delivery from the library as a win! 

When you place a book on hold, you can select “Vigo Home Delivery” or Vigo Mail Delivery.” After your holds are placed, send an email to with your contact information and address. You can also use the VCPL Mobile app (found on the Apple Store or Google Play).

If you select “delivery,” you will be contacted via email or phone to arrange a delivery window. During the delivery window, a member of our staff will knock on your door or ring the doorbell, then leave your materials at the front door in a bag. Staff will return to their vehicle and remain for five minutes while you collect your materials. If you do not collect your materials within the five-minute window, our staff will retrieve the bag and return the materials to the Library to be checked in. In some cases, items may be delivered by mail. If your items will be sent via this method, our staff will contact you so that you are aware that delivery may take longer than usual.


September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month! 

Of course, the power of curbside and delivery are unlocked with your FREE library card. Do you have one? If not, September is library card sign-up month! For most people reading this, a Vigo County Public Library card is issued free of charge. But if you’re not a Vigo County resident, you can purchase a “Public Library Access Card” for just $65 per year!