Play and Learn with the Terre Haute Children’s Museum in their Building, Online, or at the Park!

The Terre Haute Children’s Museum is ready to open, and we peppered Executive Director Susan Turner with all of the questions we know local families are asking!

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0:00 – How much do we love and miss the museum? An awful lot!

0:30 – The museum is opening this week (June 18)! The past few months have been hard for all of us, including the museum.

1:00 – I’m risk averse when it comes to the virus. What reassurances do you have for me, Susan? I love her answers, but you can read the museum’s complete plan here:

4:09 – The museum has mastered the Covid pivot. At 4:52, find out about this year’s summer camp alternatives including EVERYDAY SCIENCE CLUB. Everyday Science Club is a *virtual* experience that is meant to be something children can do without parents! (Parents, you get to take a breather and a break. At last!) Details:

7:25 – Members, your membership has automatically been extended for three whole months. This is the museum’s way of saying thank you for sticking with them during these “unprecedented times”!

8:18 – Would you feel more comfortable learning outside and in the fresh air? The museum invites elementary-age kids to join them for MUSEUM IN THE PARK! Topics of study include motion, bugs, messy, and build. This affordable outdoor programing (scholarships are available) has very limited capacity, so you’ll want to sign up right away! Morning and afternoon sessions available. DETAILS:

11:07 – Did you know our museum’s ability to retain its staff through the Stay at Home orders is the exception not the norm in the museum world? Who’s awesome? Our museum!

12:30 – 100 Men Who Cook is one of the museum’s biggest fundraisers, and this year it’s going virtual! You can bid on 114 silent auction items VIRTUALLY! This year they’re using the Text2Bid platform (it’s new to me too!), and you can find out more here: Why do you want to support this fundraiser? Because it touches every single corner of the museum including exhibits, supplies, bills, and payroll.

14:38 – The Under Construction exhibit has a new attraction! Susan shares the deets (webcam? No way!), and you can read about this new exhibit on our website:

15:55 – Stop by the museum to pick up your FREE STEM pack for science fun at home!

18:10 – The museum is determined to be a safe place for your family to come learn and have fun.

19:12 – And FINALLY, what’s the connection between agriculture, drones, Play Guides, pools filled with jello, and NASA engineer Mark Rober? My three oldest kids popped in to put Ms. Susan in the hot seat! Is their cameo not a perfectly accurate reflection of what it’s like to try to work at home with kids?