Fairy Tale Faire Fun at the Terre Haute Children’s Museum

Each year, the Terre Haute Children’s Museum throws a magical party for princesses, princes, pirates, fairies, and mermaids.

In 2018, this event is the Fairy Tale Faire, and it’s happening on Saturday, April 7 from 6-9 p.m!

Fairy Tale Faire 2018

Last year, our family had a great time attending the Fairy Tale Ball.

Highlights included:

Costumes and princess dresses.

Magic Milk and other hands-on science experiments.

Fairy Tale Faire at the Terre Haute Children's Museum


And dancing!

Fairy Tale Faire at the Terre Haute Children's Museum

Although the details change from year to year, I’m certain the museum has a great plan for this year. In fact, I know there will be a pirate ship, and you can’t go wrong with a pirate ship!

Membership Benefits at the Terre Haute Children's Museum: Find out more on hautehappenings.com

The museum has also shared this teaser: Dive into stories of the deep blue sea! Enchanted by songs of “The Little Mermaid,” you’ll be! Marvel at sea creatures as they wiggle, swim, and crawl! Seek buried treasure, blow bubbles, and more surprises and fun!

Fairy Tale Faire

Kids and adults are encouraged to come dressed in their favorite costumes for an evening of fun as you participate in various activities scattered around the Terre Haute Children’s Museum! Visit our Fairy Tale Faire event page for more information!

Fairy Tale Faire at the Children's Museum

The best part? The event is included with Museum admission, and is FREE for museum members!

In the following video, the museum does the math for you to show why membership is the best family bargain in town.


See you there!