When Life Gives You Lemons, Join Wabash Valley Lemonade Day

This post is brought to you by Wabash Valley Lemonade Day and Chances and Services for Youth. We’re excited to partner with these awesome organizations to tell you all about a community event that makes us proud. We sincerely recommend that your child participate in this free and fun learning opportunity! Scroll down to find out more about this annual event, or register your child here!

Register Your Stand for Wabash Valley Lemonade Day!

Wabash Valley Lemonade Day

August 5, 2017

Last year, our girls had their first sweet, sweet taste of entrepreneurial success when they manned a lemonade stand all summer long at the Downtown Terre Haute Farmer’s Market.

This experience gave them hands-on experience with concepts such as supply and demand, budgeting (we divided their earnings into give/save/spend categories), labor/food costs, marketing, and the satisfaction that comes with a job well done. Register now for Wabash Valley Lemonade Day!


Lemonade stands are the perfect first business because the cost of entry is low, the workload is manageable, and the potential for success is reasonably high!

If your child is interested in a low-pressure business experiment, Wabash Valley Lemonade Day is the perfect opportunity for your kiddos to experiment and learn. It’s completely free to join! And by participating in this community event your child will have the support he or she needs to learn from the experience regardless of the financial results. 🙂

Register Your Stand for Wabash Valley Lemonade Day!

To help make your Lemonade Day experience awesome, here are some answers to frequently asked questions. If you have others, please ask on the Haute Happenings facebook page!

Frequently Asked Questions for Wabash Valley Lemonade Day


Who can participate in Wabash Valley Lemonade Day?

It is geared for children K-12th grade, but Pre-K can participate as well.

Why should we join Lemonade Day rather than choosing our own, individual date to sell lemonade?

When your child registers for Lemonade Day, he or she gets access to the fun (and educational) training materials offered through Lemonopolis and a backpack! You can also add your stand’s location to the Wabash Valley Lemonade Day map to attract even more eager customers!

How do we register and prepare? 

This year, there are two options!

Lemonopolis is an online interactive version of the training workbook. This digital work space is FUN for kids. It’s almost like they’re playing a game! 

Follow the steps below to get started:

  • Click on the Register Now link
  • Complete the required information
    • Fill out Parent/Mentor information first
    • Click on Register Myself and Add Participant 
    • Then fill out youth registration information
    • Click on Add Participant (you will receive a pop up that says your participant has been added)
    • To register an additional participant complete the form again with another participants information and click Add Participant. (repeat this process until all participants have been added)
  • Visit mylemonadeday.org and use the login credentials you created to access Lemonopolis and GET STARTED!!
  • While you’re working through this FUN, game-like, interactive experience, be sure to check your email, Lemonade Day social media sites, and your My Profile tab for other fun workshops, contests and giveaways!

 Wabash Valley Lemonade Day

2. You also have the option to register to receive a Printed Workbook.

  • This is a beautifully illustrated workbook and mentor guide with easy to follow lessons that teach the children about planning, starting and running a business.
  • If you’re interested in registering for a Printed Workbook, please contact Jessica Murphy at jmurphy@casyonline.org. Please do not register above.

Both of these registration options come with a backpack!

Where do we go to pick up our materials?

You can pick up materials at Chances And Services for Youth at 1101 South 13th Street Terre Haute from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays.

You can also visit the Vigo County Public Library’s Youth Services Desk from July 17-22 during normal business hours.


wabash valley lemonade day

What’s new in 2017?

In addition to the excitement over the digital training/game center (Lemonopolis), in 2017 Lemonade Day is expanding to include Clay, Sullivan, Parke, and Vermillion Counties! Lemonade Day is also under a new organization, Chances and Services for Youth.

Do you choose your own location for a lemonade stand or is it assigned?

With the permission of his/her adult, a child is welcome to reach out to any local business to ask to set up near their store, or the participant can always set up at home.

There is an area of our website that allows children to build their own websites. After they have secured their locations, they should absolutely brand their stand. This will give them a link that their family can share on flyers or on social media and it will link to our Google map so people can find the on the big day!

What time is Lemonade Day? (Is it all day or just part of the day?)

The children (business owners) choose their own times. They have to think through what makes sense based on their location and product.

How can we find out more? 

The Wabash Valley Lemonade Day website and Wabash Valley Lemonade Day website are the best sources.

What does it mean to “brand your stand”?

Once you’ve chosen your stand’s location, it’s time to “brand your stand.” By putting your stand on our official map, you’re more likely to be found by thirsty customers who are eager to support young entrepreneurs!

Is there a kick-off event in 2017?

Yes! The kick-off event will be on August 4 at 7:05 at the Terre Haute Rex Baseball game. See you there!

For families who aren’t participating, how can they support the young entrepreneurs who ARE joining Lemonade Day? 

Everyone has a job on Lemonade Day. If you’re not selling it you should be drinking it! Go to the Wabash Valley Lemonade Day website the day before and look at the map for some local stands or go for a car ride on Lemonade Day. You’re sure to come across a few stands where you can show your support!

Click here to register your child for 2017 Wabash Valley Lemonade Day!

Wabash Valley LEmonade DayAugust 5, 2017