Photo Review: McDonald’s PlayPlace in Terre Haute

McDonald’s PlayPlace in Terre Haute

The McDonald’s at 3606 S US Highway 41 in Terre Haute has been remodeled, and the best news for parents is that it now has a play place!

The Play Place rules indicate that the structure is for ages 4-12.

As a self-proclaimed germaphobe, my biggest concern is cleanliness. McDonald’s told me that they do a deep cleaning every night and check regularly every hour for messes and general cleaning needs.¬†

All three of our girls liked this interactive light board!

Of course new things will be very popular. We went around 11 am, and for awhile it was only our kids who were playing. However, once there were 10 or 11 kids in the play area, it started to feel cramped.

Bonus: Until the end of August with every Happy Meal purchase (dine-in only) kids will get a small kiddie cone on the tray. If parents want them to have it, they can be brought back up to the counter to be filled with our vanilla soft serve.

Did I initially go to the wrong Mcdonald’s? Yes, yes I did. For your sake and mine, we’re embedding this map!

McDonald’s PlayPlace Near Me in Terre Haute:

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