Summer Reading Finale at the Vigo County Public Library

We’re grateful that the Vigo County Public Library believes in the reach and efficacy of Haute Happenings enough to allocate a small portion of the library’s promotional budget to sponsorship of posts such as this one. All opinions are our own, and our enthusiasm for the summer reading finale is genuine.

Chances are good that the library’s summer reading program has played a role in your summer fun (with audiobooks, library events, magazines, books, podcasts, maker camp–how could it not be part of your fun?), and we’re hopeful that you put our Summer Reading Program post to good use.

Now that summer is coming to a close, it’s time to celebrate!

Mark Your Calendar!

Summer Reading Finale at the Vigo County Public Library

July 27. 6:00-8:00 p.m.

When I asked my friend Sarah at the library what she was looking forward to most, here was her reply:

“I’m most excited about the Silent Dance Party for adults in an air-conditioned tent hosted by Danny Wayne!”

Wait. What? A silent dance party?

While our Terre Haute party will surely be different, you can get an idea of the silent music, no inhibition dancing, head-phoned fun by checking out the silent dance party study break the students had at UW-Madison.

Not sure if a silent dance party’s your thing? No worries!
There will also be:
  • Free Kona Ice snow cones
  • Free sandwiches with donated yogurt and apple slices from McDonalds
  • Mix Fm broadcasting from the event
  • Bounce houses and a giant slide
  • Adult trikes
  • Free face painting from FunDazzlers
  • Free books!