What do police cars, chocolate, a royal theater, and an old jail have in common?

Last summer, Visit Hendricks County invited us to (surprise, surprise!) visit Hendricks County. This lovely part of Indiana is just a hop, skip, and jump from Terre Haute; we’re practically neighbors. Yet so many of us drive through it rather than to it.

As the weather improves and you feel the need to get out and enjoy the sunshine, let me show you some of the many things to do in Danville, Indiana.

For starters, there’s chocolate, and who doesn’t love chocolate?! Confection Delights on the Danville square has beautiful, yummy chocolate. It’s rich, and we shared just one piece between the four of us. But that one truffle was so tasty that we purchased more to take home as gifts.

Things to do in Danville, IN

There’s also popcorn and movies at the Royal Theater.

Things to do in Danville, IN with kids

The owner, Tracie, was a fabulous hostess. (If you’d like to make your trip into an overnight occasion, she also owns a beautiful bed and breakfast!)

Things to do in Danville, Indiana with kids

She gave us a tour of the historic theater and then settled my girls down with a box of popcorn, balloons, and a movie on the big screen so that they could feel like big kids while the grown-ups chatted.

Things to do in Danville--The Royal Theatre

Before you head to Danville, check the Royal Theater facebook page for movie showings and info about live events such as stand-up comedy night!

Another stop that may not be on your radar is the Hendricks County Museum. Our tour was led by two retired teachers who clearly loved kids, history, and their city. They were so sweet and hands-on with our two young girls. Highlights for the kids included dancing to record music and touring the old jail.

Things to do in Hendricks County with kids!

Lest you think all our kids ate during our day trip was popcorn and chocolate, I should probably also mention our lunch at Mayberry Cafe.

Things to do in Hendricks County, Indiana with kids

The Mayberry won our affection with the cool cop car out front, the prize jar offered to the kids, and an etch-a-sketch for each little one to play with while they waited for their food.

Places to visit in Danville, Indiana with kids

Have more than a few hours? Then don’t forget to check out stories from our time at nearby Splash Island in Plainfield and the horseback rides we took at Natural Valley Ranch!

Things to do in Danville, IN

Thanks for the fun weekend, Visit Hendricks County! We can’t wait to visit again!

Have you spent time in Danville? If so, what’s your favorite thing to do?