Parade, Mother-Son Date “Knight,” Family Day at the Swope, and More! Terre Haute Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

If this post looks familiar, it’s because I published a similar post last night and then learned of several new events–including a PARADE! Check our calendar for the latest

Things to do in Terre Haute with Kids

Did you know that our site has a rockin’ events calendar? One of my goals with this page was to make sure that families can find the best kid-friendly events all in one place. That way you never have to search a ton of different websites looking for something to do!

In the past few days, I’ve added fifteen new events to our calendar. So rather than explaining them all here, I’m going to ask you to click over to our Terre Haute Events Calendar. You’ll see the week’s highlighted events in one place. If you’d like more info, click on the event title. That will take you to the event’s webpage.

Now, if you look closely, you’ll notice that there are two calendars. The first is for special, limited-time-only events (like this weekend’s family day at the Swope! How fun is that?!).

The second calendar is for regular, recurring events–like storytime at the library and Barnes and Noble. I separated the two calendars so that no one misses the special things we have going on here in Terre Haute.

I’m sure it would be easier for you if I recapped all of the events in a post, but I’m already inputting that info into the calendar. Rather than duplicating my efforts, I thought I’d do my best to keep the calendar up to date and then do posts like this with a preview and a gentle reminder that the “there’s nothing to do in Terre Haute!” excuse is no longer valid. 🙂

What do you think? Are you willing to try out the calendar? There’s SO much going on this week–a St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Big Party for the Big Read, Mother-Son Date “Knight” at Chik-Fil-A, Irish Dash. I know you’ll be glad you clicked on over to find out the full scoop!

Click here to see all that’s happening this week in Terre Haute! 

St. Patrick's Day Events in Terre Haute, Indiana 2014 with info regarding our Terre Haute Events Calendar


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