Why Earth Day at Indiana State University has Become our Tradition

The Earth Day celebration at Indiana State University (ISU) has become something I look forward to in the spring. It’s usually just after the snow melts, which is a time when the kids and I are desperate to soak up some sunshine and (chilly) fresh air.

Earth Day at Indiana State University

We rally with our friends and neighbors to bike, walk, or drive to ISU.

Once we get to campus, the kids torment entertain the college students with their laughter, tantrums, games, and demands for more snacks.

Info and dates for Indiana State University Earth Day activities

There are several community tables set up that are perfect for kids. Last year, my girls played games with the staff from the Terre Haute Children’s Museum, admired a table full of gemstones and fossils, petted an alpaca, freaked out when they got their pictures taken with a man (woman?) dressed as a bunny rabbit, collected a bagful of swag (pencils! hats! cleaning products! a tree!), and had their first experience with the Wabash Valley Mobile Market (read more about the market here).

Earth Day at Indiana State University

As you might expect, many of the activities focus on the theme of sustainability.

Indiana State University Earth Day activities

There’s also food available for purchase–a few years ago, we tried Indiana dandelions!

Bigger kids have enjoyed big kid entertainment such as the live music, cornhole, and a rock climbing wall.

Earth Day at Indiana State University

I’ve heard grumbling from parents who work from 9-5 that this event excludes them (since it’s normally in the morning). However, I feel it’s worth mentioning that this is an ISU event.  The target audience is college students. The community is welcome (and for this I am grateful!), but I assume they organize the event so that it works well with student schedules.

Admission is free, but there is a charge for some of the extras (such as food).


If you’ve been before, what’s your favorite thing to do?

Earth Day 2019 Schedule
Wednesday, April 17th
ISU’s Grassy Quad



You can find more info by contacting TREES, Inc.


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