Register Your Kids & Have Fun at the *FREE* 2015 Terre Haute Lemonade Day Kick-Off Event!

Do you remember your first lemonade stand? Was your lemonade made from real lemons or did your drink start as a powder? Did you sell Rice Krispies or brownies to boost sales? Were you saving the money you earned for something big? What was the name of the one generous neighbor who you could always count on to buy from you no matter what you were selling?

A child at his/her lemonade stand is a classic illustration of the American entrepreneurial, can-do spirit. It’s often a child’s first chance to experience the basics of business. Concepts like “marketing,” “profit,” and “product” become more than theories and vocab terms; they’re understandable ideas that have real-life meaning to a child. And for many kids, a lemonade stand gives them the confidence they need to launch many more entrepreneurial experiments.

This year Haute Happenings is excited to partner with an awesome local organization that’s dedicated to teaching kids about business–Lemonade Day.*  The Terre Haute Lemonade Day team works year round to teach kids financial literacy, but the team’s main event is one day each summer that is dedicated to getting kids outside and manning their own lemonade stands.

Lemonade Day in Terre Haute

This year’s goal is to have 500 (FIVE HUNDRED!) kids (k-12) signed up to participate in Terre Haute Lemonade Day!

We can do that. 500 is a doable goal for a city as big as Terre Haute. Last year they had 400 participants. Let’s get to 500 this year.

This year, the coordinators have planned a special event to help get kids and families excited about Lemonade Day.

Kick-Off Event

Sunday May 17 from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m at the Terre Haute Children’s Museum

At the kick-off event, children can register for Lemonade Day, get their FREE backpacks (with workbooks that teach them about being an entrepreneur), enjoy refreshments, and play at the museum. 

The kick-off event (and participation in Lemonade Day) is completely free!

If your kids would like to hang around the museum and play after the event, that’s free too. (Parents will need to pay the reduced admission price of $5).

If you can’t make it to the kick-off, you can also register online by June 15, 2015.

The kick-off event is more than just a fun party. It’s a chance to get your family excited about business and financial literacy. The Lemonade Day reps will be there to answer your questions and get your kids pumped about their lemonade stands!

Terre Haute Lemonade Day Kick-Off Event

I’m all for supporting hands-on learning experiences and supporting Terre Haute’s littlest entrepreneurs.  Parents and caregivers can support their budding businessmen/women by bringing them to this year’s kick-off event.

Lemonade Day is Coming: June 20, 2015

*Disclosure: I was compensated for this post by the coordinators of Terre Haute Lemonade Day. Haute Happenings is my grown-up version of a lemonade stand. Our family is grateful for Lemonade Day’s financial investment in this page; business transactions such as these keep our site running at no cost to our readers. All opinions are my own.