Volunteer Opportunities in Terre Haute and the Wabash Valley with Serve the Valley 2018

We’re working with the United Way of the Wabash Valley to share volunteer opportunities in Terre Haute and the Wabash Valley. You can help us thank the United Way for their partnership by joining this community effort! Our enthusiasm for this service-oriented effort is genuine, and all opinions are our own.

Do you….

Wish your community would become an even better place to live in and raise your family?

Feel thankful for the resources and skills (no matter how big or how small) you possess?

Want to give to the effort of improving our community?

Want to make a difference but can’t commit to a long-term group or project?

Want to include your kids in this process of service too?

If so, then you should cheer for and get involved in Serve the Valley!

Serve the Valley 2018 is a partnership between the United Way and Maryland Community Church with the goal of involving more community members in the efforts of making our town and region a wonderful place in which to live.

Serve the Valley 2018

This valley-wide effort to roll up our sleeves and invest some sweat equity in our hometown has options for every style of service.

Like to paint? Bless you!  Want to serve a meal? Great! Have a knack for landscaping? There are nonprofits who would love to put you to work.  Want to bring the kids? (This is my favorite detail.) There are service options for kids too! 

One of the great features of the Serve the Valley website is that you can sort the volunteer options and highlight only those that are family friendly. According to last count, there are 18 options that allow kids! Parents should use their discretion when deciding if their children can handle the individual activities.

A lot of these options may be best suited for families with children ages six and up. But there are options that can include younger children! Gardening, for example, is a great option because it is a self-paced job.  There are multiple options for gardening from the Giving Garden, ISU Community, Ryves Up! School Garden and Eden of Ryves.

See a volunteer option that’s not marked “family friendly”? Why not reach out out to the hosting organization to ask if your family could join their efforts?! If nothing else, they will be grateful for your interest and enthusiasm.

Click HERE to See “Serve the Valley” Opportunities and Register to Help!

In addition to the feeling of accomplishment you get by serving your community, all volunteers also get breakfast and a t-shirt.

Breakfast-7:30 am.
Maryland Community Church 46 Campus
4700 S. Highway 46, Terre Haute, IN 47802

Each participant also receives a free t-shirt, sponsored by Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College! T-shirts will be available for pick-up at breakfast or July 24-26 at the United Way office.  Please RSVP for breakfast and provide t-shirt sizes when you register for your project.

If you’ve ever wanted to make noticeable improvements to your community, now is your chance to serve the valley.

Click Here to Find Volunteer Opportunities in Terre Haute and the Wabash Valley!