Art Start at the Swope Art Museum

At the Swope Art Museum, the space formerly known as the Halcyon Gallery (the corner of 7th and Ohio) is a studio and community space now known as the Education Center!

Art Start at the Swope Art Museum

One of the great features of this space is that it includes a program for preschoolers (for ages 3-5) called Art Start. Art Start currently takes place on Tuesdays and is absolutely free.

Art Start will restart on Tuesday, September 7th from 1-2pm. For children ages 3-5 accompanied by an adult. Classes will be hosted in the Education Center.

Art Start Preschool Program at the Swope Art Museum

In the past, the kids listened to a story, did an art project, and sometimes  even went on a scavenger hunt in the museum!

Art Start is my favorite place to be when my girls ask to make art, and I don’t feel like prepping or cleaning!

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