Guatemala Day 1-Foreign Exchange (by Rachael)

As is usually the case in Guatemala, today tested the limits of our emotional and physical strength.  I. Am. Exhausted.  We started the morning by visiting one of the Compassion projects on the outskirts of Guatemala City.  There are currently 200 kids who participate in the after school/weekend program.  50 kids still need sponsors.  Interested?  […]

Provision Part 2: Card Me (by Rachael)

So check it out- our friends Dan and Bethany are friends with the guys who started this nifty website called  Ever heard of it?  No? Me neither.  That is, until a few months ago when Dan and Bethany decided to have a “house party” to help out with Guatemala.    They had a par-tay at church for […]

Leavin’ on a Jet Plane (Nate)

       We made it to Guatemala quite uneventfully and safely. No one was late, no problems with luggage, only minor repacking for a bag that was 1 pound overweight. We got exit row seats on both flights, with each of us having our own row to lie down on the evening flight from Houston […]

Uncommonunity (by Nate)

The other night as we were packing up the bags for our trip to Guatemala, I looked through some of the gifts that people have given to their Foreign eXchange kids. They’ve just been gradually filling up our utility room as people have given them to us at church every week. Rachael’s been the one […]

Foreign eXchange

For those of you interested in hearing more about “Foreign eXchange,” read on for details.  Then comment or email if you have questions or would like to get involved.  For those of you who have already signed up, keep in mind that we need your letters a.s.a.p., and we’d like to have your gifts by […]