The Panama Canal, three trips by train, heart surgery, and foster care: 2015 in Review

Normally, I have an abundance of words. But this year I feel introspective and private. I haven’t posted as much lately. How did this gushing writer end up in this quiet place? Let’s review. (The links will take you to other stories/posts we’ve shared this year.) Photo from our talented friends at KLT Photography The start of 2015 […]

What’s your dream vacation?

Today’s my birthday! Anyone wanna guess my age? 😉 I’m celebrating by spending time with my family…and dreaming about travel. That sounds about right for me! I love a good vacation, but did you know that even vacation planning boosts happiness for up to eight weeks!? So for my birthday…how about you join me in […]

Merry? So Very! Why I’m feeling a little sheepish about our Christmas cards this year.

This year our Christmas card declares, “Merry? So very!” The greeting is cute and a little out-of-the-ordinary, but I do feel a little sheepish sharing that with friends. It’s like we’re trying to rub it in. Those Browns. Always so stinkin’ happy. On one hand, we are a pretty positive family. Nate has this amazing (and annoying) […]