Make the House Smell Like Christmas: A *Sensational* Holiday Idea for Kids

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For our final post in our Christmas Play Days series, I wanted to put together an activity for my girls that would allow us to check a very important item off of our Christmas bucket list: Make the House Smell Like Christmas.

Oh, sure. You could just light a candle. But where’s the fun in that? šŸ˜‰

Christmas Sensory Play for Kids

This was sensory play in the truest sense.

As we were exploring, my three-year-old noticed that the allspice and cloves were slightly different. Of course she asked WHY they were different. Uh? Anyone wanna help me with a good answer for that? My spice trivia knowledge is a little rusty.

We rubbed our fingers over the bumpy peel of the oranges and the smooth exterior of the cinnamon sticks.

Make the house smell like Christmas--a *sensational* holiday idea for kids!

We smelled the separate ingredients as we added them to the pot.

Make the house smell like Christmas potpourri! A *sensational* holiday idea for kids!

Naturally, the next question that followed was, “Can we eat it?” For the record, the cinnamon sticks weren’t very tasty on their own, but they made great spoons for scooping up little tastes of vanilla.

Make the house smell like Christmas! A *sensational* holiday idea for kids.

And, as you can see, there was no shortage of vanilla in our sensory soup.

Make the house smell like Christmas. A *sensational* holiday idea for kids!

What you’ll need to make your house smell like Christmas:

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Christmas Potpourri

Combine ingredients on the stove. Simmer for a lovely Christmas smell!

(Don’t let it simmer unattended. I have a feeling that charred orange peels aren’t quite the scent you had in mind.)

Make the house smell like Christmas! A *sensational* holiday idea for kids from Nothing if Not Intentional.

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