12 Must-Read Tips for Surviving Potty Training While Traveling

My kids have had potty accidents all over North America. Over the past few years, our family has become well-acquainted with the bathrooms and clean-up facilities in Jamaica, Seattle, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Cancun. These messes aren’t my favorite travel-related memories, but they’re not unexpected. Accidents happen! Potty training while traveling isn’t the easiest parenting challenge to overcome, […]

Can green living make you happier?

The beach makes me happy. Sunshine makes me happy. Planning a trip makes me happy. Watching my girls row their “boats” (laundry baskets) down the hallway without pulling each other’s hair or screaming at one another makes me happy. But can green living make me happy? That’s the question that was posed by Tetra Pak. We try to live green. […]