Can green living make you happier?

The beach makes me happy. Sunshine makes me happy. Planning a trip makes me happy. Watching my girls row their “boats” (laundry baskets) down the hallway without pulling each other’s hair or screaming at one another makes me happy. But can green living make me happy? That’s the question that was posed by Tetra Pak. We try to live green. […]

Six Weeks with “Two under Two”

Two under two. Baby bunching. Two kids in diapers. I’ve been told that having little ones less than two years apart is dreadful.  It means (temporarily) resigning oneself to a life that is a chaotic circus filled with poop, tears, and temper tantrums. While I was pregnant, strangers would often offer “helpful” comments such as, “You’re […]

How’s Big Sister?

After people ask us how we’re sleeping and if our little baby is healthy after her NICU fiasco, the next questions are usually about our toddler and how she’s doing as a big sister. Is she jealous? Is she gentle? Does she like the new baby? Simply put–she’s amazing. Now before I brag shamelessly about […]