Bike Seats, Tagalongs, Trailers, & Cargo Bikes: Comparing the Options for Biking with Kids

We’ve partnered with Yuba Bicycles for a series of posts all about biking with kids! Before we settled on the Yuba, I obsessively researched all of the ways we could haul, carry, or ride with our two young girls. In the end, we decided that the Yuba was the solution that would fit our girls the best and last […]

Easiest Way to Teach Your Child How to Ride a Bike

This is the third post in our series with our awesome sponsor Yuba bikes all about biking with kids! You can read our favorite ways to make family rides MORE fun for little ones HERE and our painless yet practical bike safety refresher course HERE.  You know how there are some childhood milestones that parents feel like they […]

Share the Road–A Bike Safety Refresher from Someone Who Has a Lot to Learn

Can I start with a confession? I’m not a very safe biker. Okay, so I’m cautious and careful–I would never do anything truly crazy like jump off a curb or try to race a train at a railroad crossing, but bike safety issues (helmets, lights, bells, hand signals) have never really been my thing. I know, I know! This […]

Kids on Bikes: 11 Ways to Make Family Bike Rides {More} Fun for Kids

This is the first post in a new series on Nothing if Not Intentional about biking with kids! While I’ve never considered us serious bikers, we have somehow managed to end up on a few epic bike adventures (starting with when Nate and I decided to spend seven days biking across the upper portion of New Zealand […]