So the Boys Know We’re Crazy about Them (Rachael)


Remember when we said we wanted to let the boys in Guatemala know that there was someone out there who was absolutely crazy about them? Well guess what?  It’s happening!  A few weeks ago we launched Foreign eXchange, which is kind of like a sponsorship program with a few uniquely-eXchange twists.  For one, the emphasis is on personal relationships.  Sure, we’ll send small gifts and other trinkets to show we care, but really this is all about one-on-one connections.  People from eXchange will write letters to their boys, and the two of us (along with others from our church) will hand deliver them.  Then we’ll help the boys write letters to their U.S. amigos, and we’ll come back to the U.S. and deliver those.  Apart from going down to Guatemala and meeting the kids face-to-face (which we’d like to see lots of people do!), it’s as personal as it gets. 


Also, there’s no sponsorship fee.  It’s not like we’re taking money to cover the overhead.  Sure, it takes time to put this all together, and it’s not cheap to make four yearly trips to Guatemala, but the “amigos” who sign up for Foreign eXchange won’t be the ones who foot the bill.  All we want the amigos to do is pray and help make the boys feel loved.


Anyway, after our first week of sign ups, there were only eight boys who weren’t grabbed up by someone eager to love on them!  And now, we’re down to three.  If you would like to “adopt” one of these three little amigos, shoot us an email (nate and Rachael @ hotmail . com—no spaces), and we’ll get you some more info. 


Also, would you be praying for us?  There are so many details yet to be worked out (What about the kids who leave the orphanages? What about the kids who are new? What about the people who sign up but don’t follow through? What about the problems we haven’t anticipated?)!



Finally, if you’re in a position to financially support these crazy Guat adventures, we’d love to have your help!  And, if you make your checks out to Buckner, your gifts are tax-deductible.  Nate and I have about $3,000 for our March trip so far (incredible!), but we still need about $1,000 more (gulp).  100_3596


Check back again later this week. We plan to post more info about Foreign eXchange soon.    

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