Meet Estuardo (by Nate)

We’ve all met old souls. That person in a group who seems to speak truth and wisdom beyond their years. The one who can communicate volumes with their eyes that perhaps most others won’t ever understand. In this group of children, Estuardo is the old soul. If you’ve been following this blog since June, then […]

Meet Alejandra (by Rachael)

Alejandra is undeniably gorgeous.  She’ll be a knockout when she grows up. Her hair, her eyes, her smile—everything about her is beautiful. I tend to focus on her smile.  When she smiles, she looks truly happy, which is amazing considering her story. Like all the kids, Ale (pronounced ah-lay) has a tragic past.  Unfortunately, her […]

Hope (by Nate)

Yesterday we had lunch with a friend of ours, an experienced world-traveler, who has been keeping up on our adventures in Guatemala. We had a great time sharing our stories with an interested and active listener who challenged us to think about motivation, purpose, goals, and the potential for growth and expansion of our work in […]

Who doesn’t love a manicure? Guatemala Day 3 (Rachael)

Because of the protests, we couldn’t go to Elisa Martinez today like we originally planned.  So, we started the morning at the market in Antigua.  Antigua is a beautiful, tourist-type town about an hour away from Guatemala City.  We spent the morning walking the cobblestone streets, listening in on the English conversations we heard all […]

Uncommonunity (by Nate)

The other night as we were packing up the bags for our trip to Guatemala, I looked through some of the gifts that people have given to their Foreign eXchange kids. They’ve just been gradually filling up our utility room as people have given them to us at church every week. Rachael’s been the one […]