Nothing if Not Intentional

Our blog recently changed names. “The Pipeline” served us well. The Pipeline was our purpose, our trajectory, our theme. While we continue to want God to use us to connect our community to the work he is doing, the blog focus has changed. It’s bigger than just our stories from our trips to Guatemala. And […]

Merry Christmas!

It seems a little old school to write a Christmas letter. After all, if you really wanted to know about our year, you could see the highlights on the blog or facebook timeline. But I like writing! And you must be mildly curious about how our year has gone if you’ve made it this far. So why […]

Bubble Wrap: Trash or Toy?

Who doesn’t love popping bubble wrap!? At first, I thought the answer to that (supposedly rhetorical) question was going to be “my daughter.” The other day, I busted out the bubble wrap with the hope of exposing my toddler to the satisfying joy of squeezing and popping everyone’s favorite plastic packaging. But it was hard work. […]