Gardening with Kids

Thanks for visiting! We would LOVE for you to hang around! Like our facebook page, subscribe by email, or follow us on pinterest to be sure you don’t miss an update! It feels like Spring! Which means it’s time to plant. Nate and I both come from families who like to garden. Once school lets out, my […]

Easter Photo Shoot (with free dress pattern for kids!)

Free Dress Pattern for Kids You may suspect that this post is a shameless excuse for showing off pictures of my babies. And you’d be absolutely right. Because, seriously, how cute are these girls? (Not that I’m their biased mother or anything…) But I do have a more altruistic motive as well. See their dresses? They’re handmade! By […]

Laminated Placemats

I thought I’d share our family’s favorite way to enjoy Dr. Seuss books. We eat them. Okay, technically, it’s just the baby who eats them. The rest of us eat OFF of them. We turned an old, incomplete Seuss book into laminated placemats! I first saw the idea in Real Simple magazine, and it is, […]

Easy, No-Sew Mail and Play Mailbox

Hi there! Thanks for visiting. We’d love for you to come by again! Like us on facebook, subscribe via email, or follow us on pinterest to be sure you don’t miss an update!  Affiliate links included for your convenience.  Easy, No-Sew Mail and Play Mailbox Around here, we’re pretty obsessed with snail mail. In fact, my two-year-old and I […]