Easter Photo Shoot (with free dress pattern for kids!)

Free Dress Pattern for Kids You may suspect that this post is a shameless excuse for showing off pictures of my babies. And you’d be absolutely right. Because, seriously, how cute are these girls? (Not that I’m their biased mother or anything…) But I do have a more altruistic motive as well. See their dresses? They’re handmade! By […]

DIY Personalized Picture Books

Hey there! Thanks for visiting. We’d love for you to hang around! Why not join the conversation on the Nothing if Not Intentional facebook page, subscribe to free email updates, or pin with us on pinterest so that you don’t miss an update? We love it when new readers join us on our blogging journey! Personalized Picture Books for Babies […]

Easiest and cheapest way to create and display extra-large photos– Engineering Prints!

  If you’re like me (or following me), you may have seen pins floating around pinterest about extra-large “engineering prints.” The idea is that you can go online to Staples (or another print company) and print extra-large, black and white prints on your favorite pictures for cheap. Really cheap. As in, $1.79 for an 18 […]

Add Text to Pictures to Create a Milestone Picture for Baby or Child

I (Rachael) am not a photographer, but I am kind of obsessed with capturing my girls’ baby days with pictures before they change (again!) and grow up (even more!). One way I do this is by putting together a milestone picture for each girl every six months or so. Several people have asked me how, so […]