DIY Personalized Picture Books

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Make your own personalized picture books using FREE photo editing software.

Personalized Picture Books for Babies

I want to share with you one of my absolute favorite projects. Your kids will love these personalized books, and they only cost a few dollars each!

Now that you know how to add text to your pictures (you do remember, right? For a refresher, check out this easy tutorial), it’s time to have some fun! I used yesterday’s nap time to make this personalized body book for the baby. I made one for our older daughter (now 2 1/2), and it’s one of her all-time favorite “books.” And why not? It’s a book filled with pictures of her! A few months ago, she picked up on the fact that the words are in both English and Spanish. Now I sometimes hear her through the monitor saying things like, “CABEZA! Cabezacabezacabeza. MANOS! Manosmanosmanos. BOCA! Bocabocabocabocabocabocaboca…..”

In case you (like me) would like to be sure your Spanglish Spanish is correct, I like this translation site; it includes the articles. Of course, if you want to stick with English (or add a different language), that’s fine, too. You have my permission. For the arrow stickers, I used iPiccy. But you could use any number of photo-editing tools. Check out my guest post on MoneySavingMom for some options.

Once you’re done adding text, simply print and pop your pictures into a $1 plastic photo album from Walmart or similar discount store. All in, it should only cost you two or three dollars! Here’s a peek at my finished project for my (very photogenic) baby:

personalized picture books for babies personalized picture books for babies personalized picture books for babiespersonalized picture book for baby personalized picture books for babies

To see how we used this idea to make our own souvenirs, check out this post! DIY Souvenirs.

For more fun projects and ideas, follow my “photography tutorials” board and our “Nothing if Not Intentional” blog board on pinterest!

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  1. Hey Rachael. I love this idea. Thanks! Its awesome you had a guest post on moneysavingmom! That’s one of my faves I’ve been following for a long time. Somehow I had missed this before.

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