DIY Souvenirs–Picture Memory Books!

This post is an introduction for my zoo post: Visiting the Zoo with Kids–Tips to Consider, Books to Read, and Souvenirs to Make.

I’m not normally an impulsive spender, but there are times when I feel drawn to the gift shop. Of course my two-year-old would look adorable in that (cheesy) SeaWorld shirt. And why wouldn’t my baby want to snuggle with that (ridiculously overpriced) stuffed giraffe from the zoo?

Okay, so I don’t make t-shirts or stuffed animals, but I can show you a meaningful and easy alternative: Picture Memory Books! 

Make your own souvenirs. Picture memory books.


To make these souvenirs, all you need is a simple and free photo editing tool that will allow you to add text to your digital pictures. You can find an easy tutorial on how to add text using free software in this post.

To begin your project, choose a few pictures from your trip that you want to label and memorialize. Perhaps these are your pictures of your child with all of the characters at Disney World. Or maybe you took a road trip, and you’d like to help your child remember each of your pit stops.

Make your own kid-friendly souvenirs. Picture memory books.

For us, I like to take pictures of the actual animals we saw at the zoo, and turn them into animal recognition books for my toddler.

Make your own souvenirs. Picture memory books. Easy and cheap!

Once I have my pictures organized and labeled, I simply print and add them to a little $1 photo album that you can pick up from a dollar store or major chain. My toddler and I have spent hours “reading” our vacation books.

Make your own souvenirs. Picture memory books--easy and cheap!

We have a great time reminiscing with these books and no buyer’s remorse. Success!

 Tutorial for DIY Souvenirs

  1. Choose and organize your best pictures.
  2. Add titles, words, or labels. (Tutorial here.) 
  3. Print. 
  4. Insert into a $1 photo album or laminate.

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16 thoughts on “DIY Souvenirs–Picture Memory Books!”

  1. What a great way to remember a special trip! I always want to make photobooks for my son about memorable life experiences (like our playdate with the Monorail Bunny) but I get hung up on doing it “just right” and never finish. But this I might be able to do!

  2. Great ideas here! I also love to keep a Bumper Sticker book along on road trips – . Keep it tucked away in a side door pocket for easy access when the inspiration parks itself right in front of you.

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