Can you find the Philippines? (by Rachael)

We can’t remember the exact date, but a few years before we got married (so, let’s say, six or seven years ago?) we decided to sponsor a little boy named Kerwin Dave through World Vision. We choose Kerwin in part because we wanted our sponsor child to live in a country we might be able […]

Daniel and Eliza Martinez-Guatemala Day 2 (Rachael)

Today was not the best day for our driver, Israel.  To start off, he didn’t know the way to Hogar Solidario.  Unfortunately, we did.  But we couldn’t communicate this all that well, and Israel didn’t seem to believe our instructions.  Consequently, a 30-minute drive turned into a 2-hour drive.  Later in the day, he backed […]

We made it!

Finally. We got to the office last night and got a decent night’s sleep. We’re getting ready to head to the Baby Home and then spend the afternoon at Eliza Martinez. Since we blogged last night, we’ll let the other three bloggers tell the stories this morning. Be sure to go to Scot’s blog to […]

Final day with the children

Other than the lack of sleep, I’ve really enjoyed this week’s schedule. Early on, we had a few crazy days taking care of Foreign eXchange business, but since then we’ve been able to relax and enjoy ourselves. Take today, for instance. Today was busy, but also highly relational. Nate and I try to put relationships […]

Zoo Adventure

With only 5 hours of sleep last night, we had a rough start this morning. We were invited to celebrate one of the interns’ birthday last night, and in true Guatemalan fashion, we stayed out late. Unfortunately, we had to get up at the same time as usual to prepare for the arrival of our […]


Wow, it’s late. In fact, it’s so late that it’s early (1:30 a.m. at home)! So, tonight’s blog is going to be another combined effort. I (Rachael) will start with our morning, and then Nate will take over and describe our afternoon. After yesterday’s craziness, we needed today to be a bit more low-key. Thankfully, […]

Provision (by Nate)

We recently received notice that there are roughly 90 boys in the two orphanages we visit. That’s roughly 25-30 more than we expected, which is okay with us. We usually plan on getting extra stuff and writing extra letters, but this time we had a wonderful surprise. One of our high school Spanish teachers was […]

Aliceña (by Rachael)

Today I went searching for pictures of a girl we met in Guatemala.  Her name is Aliceña, and in August she was living in Guatemala City so she could receive proper treatment for her leukemia.  When we visited in March, we found out she was living at one of the Buckner Transitional Homes with some of […]