Can you find the Philippines? (by Rachael)

We can’t remember the exact date, but a few years before we got married (so, let’s say, six or seven years ago?) we decided to sponsor a little boy named Kerwin Dave through World Vision.

We choose Kerwin in part because we wanted our sponsor child to live in a country we might be able to visit.  Kerwin is from Philippines, and Nate told me that yes, we could probably manage a visit to the Philippines.

It was a full year or more before I realized that “the Philippines” was not a wonderfully tropical island in the Caribbean.

Wishful thinking. I guess you could say geography isn’t my strong suit.

Needless to say, we’ve yet to manage a visit to Southeast Asia, but we have built a relationship with this wonderful boy through letters and gifts.

Our involvement in World Vision helped shape the “sponsorship program” we coordinate through our church: Foreign Exchange.  We love World Vision’s efficiency and ability to impact lives and communities on a large scale. Unfortunately, like many other sponsors, there have been many months when we have given our money without giving Kerwin much thought.  So, since Foreign Exchange is a small operation (if you can consider it an “operation” at all!), our focus is on relationships and personal connections.

Another one of World Vision’s strength is its ability to get things done. They don’t just chip away at monstrous goals and tasks; they actually see them through to completion. Yesterday, we received an email letting us know that our sponsorship of Kerwin is coming to an end.  The work in his community is finished!

This news came as a complete surprise, but we’re impressed that World Vision accomplished what it set out to do, and that they have an exit strategy in place.  We’re excited to see what becomes of the resources (both ours and World Vision’s) this frees up.

Dear Sponsor,

We have important news to share with you about Kerwin Dave and his community.

With the help of generous sponsors like you, the people of Kerwin Dave’s Area Development Program (ADP) in Philippines have overcome many challenges and now face a brighter future filled with promise. It is time for World Vision’s involvement in Mountain View to come to an end so that we can use vital resources to help other children and communities who remain in desperate poverty.

Please watch for a letter and information in the mail that will provide more details about the accomplishments your donations have helped to achieve in Kerwin Dave’s community.

We know that this transition can be sad for a sponsor. Through gifts, correspondence and shared prayers, many sponsors develop close relationships with their sponsored children. We want to thank you for your commitment to Kerwin Dave. Your love and support have made a difference in the life of this precious child.

Kerwin Dave and his family are aware that sponsorship is concluding in their community. If you would like to send a farewell letter please do so within the next 30 days to ensure delivery.

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  1. Interesting b.c I got notice that the little girl I sponsor, her program was ending too – but I haven’t gotten any paper work yet as to why and what will happen to her. Hope it’s for a good reason and not b/c they are out of funding. Will be interesting to find out. She is from Thailand.

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