Why every Christian is called to rescue orphans

Roxy Bertsch, a good friend from church and InterVarsity, sent us this article from the latest issue of Christianity Today.

I loved the paragraph where the author addressed his fear of not being able to love an adopted child:

“I was at first reluctant to adopt, because I assumed an adopted child would always be more distant than a child “of my own.” I was wrong. And I should have known better. After all, there are no “adopted children” of God, as an ongoing category. Adoption tells us how we came into the family of God. And once we are here, no distinction is drawn between those at the dinner table. Love based on the preservation and protection of genetic material makes sense in a Darwinian—not a Christian—view of reality.”

It was also good to be reminded that Jesus was adopted…by Joseph.

I also like how the author illustrates how adoption and orphan care show the “orphaned universe” what the kingdom of God looks like and what it means to be adopted into the family of a God who is a father to the fatherless.

Take a few minutes and read the whole article. What do you think?

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