(A Sad) Update on Daniel

A friend in Guatemala visited Daniel a few weeks ago, and her report was not good. Daniel is living with his biological mom in very poor conditions. It sounds like he has no where to bathe. His family can’t afford to send him with a snack to school. He has no help with his homework. […]

An Update on Guatemala

Our last trip to visit Daniel was November of last year (2011). Since then, we’ve had precious few updates on how he’s doing now that he’s living with his family and going to school in his hometown. A month or so ago, we received word that he was living with his mom (rather than the […]

First Day in Guatemala (Nate)

Although I won’t expect it to happen again, they held our connecting flight in Houston even though our first flight was delayed. Thanks, Continental Airlines! Customs was a breeze even though we came through with 144 pairs of new, identical sunglasses for the kids. No officials searching for bribes. Thanks to God and all the […]

I’m the lucky one (by Rachael)

Here in Guatemala, our team starts each morning with a devotion. This morning, I shared a little bit about our fundraising “saga.”  As many of you know, we asked for help raising money for this trip.  I hate asking for money.  But a good friend reminded me that fundraising isn’t about writing a great letter […]

Meet Danni (by Nate)

Last August, we had our first encounter with Daniel Manchu. When we met him, he seemed like the rest of the boys at the home: energetic, aggressive, intelligent, and desperate for parents. But right away we noticed that he didn’t look like most Guatemalan boys. It took a bit of probing to find out that […]