An Update on Guatemala

Our last trip to visit Daniel was November of last year (2011). Since then, we’ve had precious few updates on how he’s doing now that he’s living with his family and going to school in his hometown.


A month or so ago, we received word that he was living with his mom (rather than the wonderful aunt he was with in November), and he had been on bedrest for several weeks because of a serious infection. We don’t want to share too much on this public site, but you can read between the lines. If you were ten years old, confined to a bed, and living with someone you had reason to resent and distrust, how would YOU be feeling?

Will you pray for his physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health?

A friend of ours (and one of Daniel’s biggest advocates) is visiting him on Thursday.

She is going out of her way to connect with Daniel, talk with the administrators/teachers at his school, check on his school bills, and relay news to us. She’s delivering a few trinkets from us (notes, pictures, candy), but those are just tokens. I’m not sure they’ll do much in the way of reminding him that we love him and that he has people who are 100% committed to him and fighting on his behalf.

We (obviously) want to go down and visit him again soon. Maybe next spring? Or in November (of next year) when a team from our church is going to Guatemala to drill wells?

Will you pray for the visit on Thursday and for our future trips?


Since news on Daniel is so sparse, one idea we’ve had is to find someone in Xela to be a point of connection for us. All of our dear Guatemalan friends are in Guatemala City. We would love for God to bring someone in Xela into the situation who would be willing to visit Daniel and update us regularly.

Will you pray for that person? And if that idea isn’t what God has in mind, would you pray that we could find some way to connect with Daniel on a more regular basis?

We hope to have a more positive update soon!


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